Thursday, 3 October 2013

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess September 15th (231st episode) Broadcast Postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/09/16 1:00 am)

A lot of letters were read out.

  • Recent Papachi news! {Trans note: Papachi refers to Momochis father}
    • Papachi putting strawberry ice cream into melon soda

  • There seems to be a new gyaru terminology "Nyantsuku"... {Trans note: Based on the letter, Nyantsuku means that in front of men, you act cat-like or angrily (tsundere?)}
    • The (female) audience of Waratte Iitomo were kind! {Trans note: Momo mentioned in her show that she appeared in Waratte Iitomo asking for advice because she was "unpopular among women" but the response of the female audience members proved otherwise)

  • How successful has the campaign to have your juniors refer to you as "Momochi-sempai" been?
    • She was deeply moved when Juice=Juice used the expression "Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo that Momochi-senpai is in" in front of a large audience. However, in front of Momochi they still use "Tsugunaga-senpai"

  • At a handshake event, what would be a good topic to talk about?
    • She'd be happy with even a direct "Please work hard"

Despite crossing the 200 mark [for the letters from listeners segment], we are still welcoming letters from listeners.
Those who have just become fans, even those who are as first time listeners, Momoko-hime will respond to your messages.

Momochi Happy Word Kobo

  • "A woman who brings heavy rain" -> "A woman who will make sure that your water storage is always at the 100% mark"
  • "Leaves it for others to do" -> "Skilled at depending on others' kindness"
  • "My confession was rejected" -> "For the time being, I've submitted my entry"

These three things were mentioned.
The passage talking about being skilled at depending on other's kindness led to a talk on "Would you call this being good at depending on other's kindness?".
However, the sentence "leaves it for others to do" really is a phrase that matches Momoko-hime!

The Yurushite-nyan Saiban concerns advising on "This year is the autumn of oo" that you end up hearing every year!
This kind of advice will be requested every time when the seasons change each year!
Although I do sympathise with the interviewers!
I've heard of fights, conflicts with idols.

Alone in the studio, a figure spins out these words one after another!
Yes, there only is the one person in the studio. Just Momoko-hime and your letters.
If you were to give this a try, you would feel extremely lonely.
Within, with such high spirits, talking as if in conversation with someone!
Indeed, from now on, please listen while imagining that figure!


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