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Sato Maa called leader Michishige an old lady lololololololololololololololololololololololol

Nov 24th Pacifico Yokohama 
Sato: I said to the salesperson when I went to Loft that I wanted their strongest spray, one that wouldn’t come off when I was sweating at a concert
"The strongest ~ I don’t really know which one that would be ~ I think it might be this one~" I was told, so I bought it and it’s amazing
Even after entering the bath 2-3 times it doesn’t come off and I don’t need to do it again
Michishige: 2-3 years!?
Sato: 2-3 times. Are you hard of hearing? (Audience laughs, Sato and Michishige draw closer to an embrace)
Michishige: You said 2-3 years, didn’t you!?
Sato: I didn’t say that~, I said 2-3 times~!
Michishige: You didn’t say (2-3 times)~! (Audience laughs at childish quarrel)
Iikubo: Erm, she said 2-3 times (Michishige stamps her feet at this sudden betrayal from a loyal subject)
Sato: You’re an old lady, an old lady (due to your poor hearing)
Kudou: You shouldn’t call her an old lady


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Birthday Gets!

  • Acchan
  • Yuko no Arienai Nichijou
  • Paruru no Komaru
Yeah, a bit late to the party on the first two, but I've been on the lookout for them since I know they're top class. Tbh, Paruru's was partly due to a 30% off discount.

Momochi's complex

嗣永桃子(ももち) - フジテレビ「魁!音楽番付Eight」2012.06... by berryzkoubou999


Frankly, Momochi has a bit of a complex regarding Mayuyu-san
I received Mayuyu-san's CD from a fan with the message "Study it properly"
Watching it with that it mind, "Yup, she's definitely cute"

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Michishige Sayumi x Sayashi Riho "All the important things, we were taught through Morning Musume"

"Even now, Morning Musume is growing!"

Sensational, causing an uproar. Fascinating their fans with their complicated "formation dance", we have Michishige Sayumi, appointed as leader in May of last year, and ace Sayashi Riho. With successive releases of addictive, aggressive songs, their songs have managed to record 3 consecutive first places on the Oricon chart after 11 and a half years.

Even among themselves, it is thought that the charm of the reborn Morning Musume is their formation dance.

"Especially now, I think the fans have been paying attention to the "formation dance." Up to now, Morning Musume hasn't had such complicated dances, so we discuss things like "Do we pass each other there?" due to the complicated changes in standing position" (Michishige)

With all of the 10 members continuously changing in position, one can't recall seeing such a united dance from a bird's eye view. With such a great amount of memorisation required for the dance, what they thought was difficult was.......

"Generally speaking, there's a lot of movement.......The amount we perspired was amazing (bitter smile)" (Sayashi)

"Until now, for Morning Musume, the solo parts formed the basis, yet the dancing was freestyle, but now we'd like to keep performing formation dances. So recently, while practising everyone has been asking "How do we sing while doing such complicated movements?"" (Michishige)

Besides their dancing, when asked if there were any points that differed from the previous Morning Musume, Sayashi answered, "Instead of cute songs, the number of cool songs has increased," while Michishige commented, "In a good way, we've probably become more carefree (laugh)." In particular, leader Michishige has been paying attention to developing the atmosphere within Morning Musume.

"Speaking about Morning Musume, there used to be a strict hierarchical relationship from long ago. Indeed, weren't there a large number of 13-14 year olds entering? If I hadn't been taught through the "senpai-kouhai" relationship, I would have ended up as a kid lacking common knowledge. When Sayumi first entered at the age of 13, she was unable to give proper greetings, she had to be taught by all of Morning Musume (laugh). But having gathered members that are overflowing with youthfulness and sweetness, it would be a waste if all those merits would be erased by being too strict. In order not to let that wither away, I feel that I have to keep this balance in mind."

The continued effort put in by Michishige who became leader in May of last year seems to have steadily borne fruit.Finally, Sayashi had some words to include.

"Morning Musume got to reappear on Music Station (TV Asahi) after 6 years, so I was glad to get a chance to perform there.It was the first appearance for the 9th gen and beyond, which includes myself, and we were extremely moved after the recording ended that everyone ended up crying backstage (laughs)"

A quick glance and you’ll notice the expected names - Airi, Risako, Fukuda Kanon, Karin, KanaTomo, RihoRiho - but I liked this comment:
34: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/11/18(月) 22:46:13.63 0
If Miyabi-chan’s chin was 2cm shorter, the history of Hello! would have changed in a big way

164: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/11/14(木) 18:51:59.80 0
Please tell me heartwarming episodes of Yajima Maimi
On the final day of the Hawaii tour, everyone slept in Maimi’s room
Okai-chan had fallen asleep with her homework spread open, and Maimi, who was the only one who had risen early, stealthily did Okai-chan’s homework
Just like the tale of the elves and the shoemaker, Okai-chan was surprised to see her homework completed when she woke up

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Please teach me about ℃-ute!!
20: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/11/16(土) 11:47:19.79 0

Maimi is a goddess
Airi is a songstress
Hagiwara is an angel
Chisato is a fairy
nksk is a fish

School and I: On the days I was worried, the close friends who saved me - Singer Yajima Maimi-san

 At the age of 10, I passed an audition to become an idol, serving as a backup dancer for "Morning Musume" and other acts. 15 people were chosen from among 28 000 applicants. It was like a dream. Three years later, I became a member of the newly formed ℃-ute and was entrusted with the leader position. I've been active in the entertainment business for 11 years.

 When I was an elementary and junior high school student, the company policy put a priority on academics. I became very busy as a third year junior high school student as our major début had been decided. On weekdays, we had singing and dancing lessons from after school until nine in the evening. From my house or school in Saitama to a studio in the heart of the city, my mother dropped me off and picked me up every day by car. Weekends were packed with events. But, I never thought of balancing work and school as something tough. "Being able to bring smiles to people, it's such a wonderful job," I felt, and I also received support from my teachers and classmates.

 I went on to go to high school in Tokyo, but due to an increasing amount of work, I transferred to a correspondence course from my second year. However, when I was in my third year, two members of ℃-ute, people that I thought of as family, left one after the other. There were conflicts of opinions between the remaining members, and those worrying days continued. Then one day, I "exploded' to my mother in the car. "I don't want to be a leader any more." I was breaking up in tears.

 Supporting me during that time were two of my best friends from primary school. They listened to my complaints without mentioning it to anyone else. And they told me how they were working hard in their club activities. I think that gave me encouragement, and I recovered my vitality.

 At that time, I was wondering whether I should go to college. Even now, I am grateful to the teachers of my correspondence high school. Especially since I took up their time, having to correct my papers while matching my schedule. In the end, after considering my awkward personality, I chose to go down the road of work, so I have no regrets.

 The words placed in my heart are "Doryoku Mugen." I learnt it from the principal of my junior high school. Put in effort (doryoku) in order for your dreams (mu) to be realised (gen). Make infinite (also mugen - but different kanji) effort (doryoku). Those two meanings are combined together. I also want to continuously put in that effort, but I want one dream to come true first. That is, for ℃-ute's first solo Nippon Budoukan concert in the autumn to be successful. [Interviewer: Ito Kazuhiro]


Monday, 18 November 2013

A poster for Berryz Kobo’s sold out concert appears in Shibuya station!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Beautiful choreographer Takenaka Sensei thought of former S/mileage member Ogawa Saki and cried lololol

Beautiful choreographer Takenaka Sensei thought of former S/mileage member Ogawa Saki and cried lololol

Takenaka Natsumi @723takenaka 
Let's do it together… Reverse kecha… 

RT @sakopasspo: That will seriously make you cry、、 

RT @723takenaka: Hearing the word Oha Girl made me suddenly remember Sakichy and tear up.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess October 13th (235th episode) Broadcast Postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/10/14 1:00 am)

Momoko-hime talked enthusiastically about
The miracle (!?)-like incident that happened during her Iwate event.
There were loud cheers of "Yurushite-nyan" "Otomomochi"
Even someone who burst into tears... Above all, good memories were made.

And the story of "Exposing Momoko-hime's behaviour in a store."
The 21 year-old knows the difficulty of 
The collection spirit and goods gathering of young men... It was an impressive story.

The voice of the normal idol for the "Momochi ha Idol" corner has changed from this time.
I think it would be interesting to try listening and comparing the successive generations of the normal idol.
When we were recording the voice of the normal idol, Momoko-hime also gave some direction.

The changing to the 8 pm timeslot also became a hot word through hashtags.

Supported by passionate, passionate Otomomochi.
From now on, we'll be depending on your support.


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

This article about Michishige’s Blue Rose photobook release event apparently made the top of Yahoo News, with the following headline:
"Michishige Sayumi regarding marriage 「Having a marriage with separate living arrangements would be good」"

Monday, 11 November 2013

The favourite senpai of the Hello! Project Kenshuusei

The H!P Kenshuusei were interviewed in BOMB magazine. One of the question they were asked was: “Who is your favourite senpai?”
(Note - I’m basing this one off 140, which differs slightly from the OP)

Mentioned 6 times 
Michishige Sayumi - Tanabe Nanami※, Yoshihashi Kurumi, Makino Maria, Yamaki Risa, Yokokawa Yumei, Funaki Musubu※

Mentioned 4 times 
Tsugunaga Momoko - Hamaura Ayano, Mikame Kana, Inoue Hikaru, Funaki Musubu※
Sayashi Riho - Murota Mizuki, Kaga Kaede, Inaba Manaka※, Danbara Ruru 

Mentioned 3 times 
Sugaya Risako - Ogawa Rena, Wada Sakurako,  Fujii Rio※ 
Suzuki Airi - Tanabe Nanami※, Taguchi Natsumi, Yamagishi Riko
Kudou Haruka - Sasaki Rikako, Fujii Rio※, Haga Akane※ 

Mentioned twice
Wada Ayaka - Kosuga Fuyuka, Nomura Minami
Suzuki Kanon - Ichioka Reina※, Fujii Rio※ 
Tamura Meimi - Ichioka Reina※, Tanaka Karen
(Tanaka Reina) - Ooura Hirona※, Haga Akane※ 

Mentioned once
(Ishikawa Rika) - Kaneko Rie
(Takahashi Ai) - Ooura Hirona※ 
(Fujimoto Miki) - Niinuma Kisora※ 
Ishida Ayumi - Niinuma Kisora※
Sato Masaki - Kishimoto Yumeno
Miyamoto Karin - Inaba Manaka 
※ Mentioned more than one person

My observations:

  • I keep thinking of this as 'Who is the senpai you look up to?', rather than 'Who is your favourite senpai?'. I'm sure that if the former was the case, C-ute would be even more represented.
  • The dearth of the C-ute surprises me: they're often said to be very friendly and well-liked by the Kenshuusei.
  • Not so surprised about Berryz, who have this reputation of being scary.
  • Slightly surprised that Momo's pretty high - I thought not admitting liking Momo was the 'in' thing.
  • Fuku-chan is an ex-Egg I'm surprised isn't there.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Due to Miyamoto Karin’s injury, Ishida Ayumi was roped in as a replacement for the dance shot of “Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo.”
From 2ch:
773 名無し募集中。。。 2013/11/08(金) 23:51:11.72 0 

い じわる 
し ないで 
だ きしめてよ
If it’s like this, it solves this puzzle that’s been on my mind recently
I jiwaru
Shi naide
Da kishimeteyo

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess October 6th (234rd episode) Broadcast Postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/10/07 1:00 am)

Since April 2012, the broadcast of Puri Puri Princess has been at "midnight Sunday", and from October 13th it will switch over to "8 pm Sunday." This broadcast marked the last late-night broadcast.

We were excited to receive the following topics in our letters from listeners section
・Fishing for carp using udon ・ Isn't "Zurukomi" a word that is known nationwide? ("Zurukomi" is a slang word used in Chiba, which means "to interrupt")
from Kagawa prefecture and Chiba prefecture respectively.
Also, regarding the question of what we should call Momoko-hime's "Oneesan mode" that appears during the listener call corner... we received several suggestions.
Among the several suggestions we received included
"Candies mode" "NeeNee mode" (I believe NeeNee is how her brother refers to her) "Angel's Mischief" "Queen of zero sex appeal" "Early-morning practice of sumo beginners"
Those were some of the ones mentioned, but the one that Momoko-hime selected in the end was unexpectedly "Early-morning practice of sumo beginners."

From now on, when she enters her Oneesan mode when contacting men below her age through the telephone in the "Moshi Moshi Momochi" corner, make sure to catch out her "Early morning practice of sumo beginnners!"

And, due to circumstances regarding the recording schedule we had a short time to talk about it, but we were finally able to talk about Momochizakura-san (sumo wrestler) 
Momoko-hime definitely wants to see Momochizakura-san's gallant figure with her own eyes.
From several years ago, "Let's go to Kokugikan!" was often mentioned, but it never got further than the "Yes" in response.
Momochizakura-san, go fight! The programme will cheer for Momochizakura-san.


Berryz Pairings

Shimizu x Tsugunaga: Oneesanz (おねえさんズ)
Shimizu x Tokunaga: Berryz Boyz
Shimizu x Sudou: SS Combi (SSコンビ)
Shimizu x Natsuyaki: Obaka-chanz (おバカちゃんズ)
Shimizu x Kumai: Love Love Team/ Dekoboko Combi (ラブラブチーム/凸凹コンビ)
Shimizu x Sugaya: Pretty Girls (プリティガールズ)
Tsugunaga x Tokunaga: Naga-naga Combi / Foreverz (永永コンビ/フォーエバーズ)
Tsugunaga x Sudou: M2 Rocket/ Sumomo Love (M2ロケット/すももラブ)
Tsugunaga x Natsuyaki: MM Splash / Momoiro no Ouendan (MMスプラッシュ/桃色の応援団)
Tsugunaga x Kumai: Peach Bears (ピーチベアーズ)
Tsugunaga x  Sugaya: Fruities (フルーティーズ)
Tokunaga x Sudou: CM Network (CMネットワーク)
Tokunaga x Natsuyaki: Chinatsu (ちなつ)
Tokunaga x Kumai: The Tokkuma Black Girls (ザ・とっくまブラックガールズ)
Tokunaga x Sugaya: Dajaranger (ダジャレンジャー)
Sudou x Natsuyaki: Natsu Onna Combi (夏女コンビ)
Sudou x Kumai: Kumaaz (くまぁず)
Sudou x Sugaya: Mama & Baby (ママ&ベイビー)
Natsuyaki x Kumai: Burning Bears (バーニングベアーズ)
Natsuyaki x Sugaya: Brownout Rose (ブラウンアウトローズ)
Kumai x Sugaya: Futari tomo "Ri" ga tsuku team (Tamori) (ふたりとも「り」がつくチーム(タモリ))

Shimizu x Sudou x Sugaya: Myouji no Saisho ga "Sagyou" da ne Team (名字の最初が「さ行」だねチーム) [Family names are on the s-row of the kana table]
Tsugunaga x Tokunaga x Natsuyaki x Kumai: Myouji no Saisho Gumiawaseru to "Nattoku" ni Naru Team (名字の最初組み合わせると「ナットク」になるチーム) [If you put together the first part of their family name it becomes Nattoku (ナットク): Natsuyaki, Tsugunaga, Tokunaga, Kumai. In Momo's case, it's a small 'tsu')
Tokunaga x Sudou x Natsuyaki: Berryz Monkeys (ベリーズモンキーズ) [All three are in the same grade and born in the year of the monkey. Tsugunaga is born in the year of the monkey, but is in a different grade.]


Friday, 8 November 2013

Berryz ASCII Art

Shimizu Saki

Tsugunaga Momoko
ル ’‐’リ
ᔚル ’‐’リᔗ

Tokunaga Chinami

Sudou Maasa

Natsuyaki Miyabi

Kumai Yurina

Sugaya Risako
州*‘ o‘リ


Momochi-sensei: Dreams come true

Picture caption: "If you add up these apples, how many do you get?" Teaching arithmetic since her brother was in kindergarten (Photograph by Itou Yuiko)

Her aspirations come true

Tsugunaga Momoko-san (21), also known as "Momochi", the idol aiming to acquire a teaching licence while continuing her activities in the entertainment industry. She announced in her blog that she had done her practical teacher training at a primary school in the autumn of last year. We get closer to Tsugunaga-san's thought on approaching children, through her work as an educator. (Tokyo Metropolitan Area 3rd year Kobana Rumi)

An entertainer that goes to university isn't rare, but we were told that Tsugunaga-san took a month-long break from almost all her work in order to concentrate on practical teacher training. Why, is it due to an interest in teaching?
"From the start, I've always loved kids, and I became interested in working as a teacher after meeting a cooperative homeroom teacher while simultaneously pursuing my activities as an entertainer. Having worked since I was in the 5th year of primary school, I'm really thankful to my teachers. I was very happy being able to come into contact normally without receiving any special treatment as an entertainer," she reflected.

She was put in charge of teaching 2nd year primary students for her practical training. She said that she underwent intensive training to fix her "bad writing habits" before she went for her practical training.
"2nd year students still aren't used to writing hiragana and kanji. Therefore I thought that it wouldn't be good from a teaching standpoint for my bad habits to turn up when I'm writing letters on the blackboard.I bought a hiragana exercise book, and practised writing by following the clean writing style of the copybook. Since I also had problems remembering kanji stroke order, I laboured to fix it."
She was in charge of the multiplication table in her class. "I had to carry out 10 classes, but the first time I ended up finishing in 30 minutes, though it was supposed to be a 45 minute class. Time allotment was difficult. I had to come up with things like making use of the fruit-shaped magnets that the children loved in order to maintain the kids concentration until the end. At the end when the principal and other teachers came to inspect me, I was able to hold a perfect class where the chime rang immediately after I said "class is over." Even if I do say so myself, I thought "I did it!"," she stretched the fact.

During the practice, talk of "Momochi" was a no go. Her trademark "Momochi Musubi" was also sealed. But on her last day of training, she was surprised to hear the children tell her "We love Momochi~." She seemed very moved. "After completing my practical teacher training I've come to like children even more," Tsugunaga-san told us. "The kids in the class I was in charge of are currently in their third year of primary school. I absolutely want to go and see the graduation ceremony for all of them!"she divulged.

At university, she usually hangs out in a group of six girls. "I'm bad when in noisy groups. They've been my good friends from since I entered university," she said with a smile. "We always get excited whenever the topic of currently hot shoujo manga, like "Strobe Edge," comes up.
The most problematic thing was balancing her activities in the entertainment industry with her attendance. Most of her professors knew of her circumstances, and she said that the was assigned reports for her absences. "The conditions laid on me were like, if the other students have to write 2 reports for a topic, I had to submit seven." Since she's bad with computers, apparently while riding on the Shinkansen she writes out the characters in a notebook, and her brother in the 3rd year of middle school types it out in Word.

"In the future, through my work as an idol, I'd like to work doing something related to children. It would be great if I could become an "Uta no Oneesan" (Lady who sings songs on children's shows). Because I love singing, speaking, and children! Be it after 10 years or a hundred years, I still want to be an idol," she made her "lifetime idol declaration."

From Chiba Prefecture.Member of Berryz Kobo and leader of Buono!. Actively participates in commercials, television shows, as well as radio programmes such as "Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess" (Cho A&G Every sunday at midnight). Her photo essay book "Momochi no Kimochi" (Wani Books) is currently on sale. On November the 29th, Berryz Kobo will be having their first concert at the Nippon Budoukan.

{Japanese after break}

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So according to this 2ch thread, KanaTomo's the smartest of the current H!P girls.
No wonder she's so hard to translate XD (me making up excuses)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Strongest Cute Weird Idol

Strongest Cute Weird Idol

Suzuki Airi

Idol points 97/100
Strange movement points 90/100
Pun points 88/100

Suzuki Airi (C-ute)
"Airi" acts as the ace of Hello! Project's number one live artisan group C-ute. 
Style, dance, singing ability, idol aura ... In all of them, she's number one.
However, while having those super idol attributes, during MCs and live events her mumbling~ and strange movements appear.
Those "movements" are her charm. 
Pay lots of attention to it!
In addition, at times gut-wrenching puns will appear!
All in all, check her out.
You'll be charmed!

The Great Pleading Strategy

If you like your idols innocent, pure, and unrelentingly positive; this isn't a song for you.
This is the rare breed of idol songs that takes the alternative view that behind their angelic demeanour, their hearts may be concealing an ulterior purpose. The only other song with that stance that springs readily to mind is AKB 48's Zannen Shoujo.
In this song, the faeries of Babymetal tell of us their great strategy of manipulating their papa to get what they want. Enjoy.

Great Pleading Strategy

Strategy 1
To curry his favour more than usual
Massage his shoulders
And without missing a beat
"Papa I love you!!"

Strategy 2
Thank you for your work
My favourite type is obviously
"The Papa that I love!!"

Lying is alright (Resistance is futile)
Just praise ceaselessly (Sucking up, sucking up)
I want that (Just one more push)
I want this

(Making the face of an angel
Devilishly whisper)
(If you're gonna give a lecture, give me some dough)
(Making the face of an angel
Devilishly whisper)

" I wanna become Papa's bride"

Let's go! Let's go!
Pleading strategy
Cutely huff up and act a little spoilt!
The strongest!! The greatest!!
Fool him with your angelic smile
Let's go! Let's go!
Pleading strategy
Keep what I got a secret from Mama!
The strongest!! The greatest!!
Gimme! Gimme!
Pleading strategy

Please!! (The strongest) Please!! (As always)
If I have to get married then it's definitely (Papa!!)
Please!! (The strongest) Please!! (As always)
A barracuda-like spoiled brat (BLACK!! BABYMETAL)
Please!! (The strongest) Please!! (As always)
Once in a lifetime (The first and the last)
Please!! (The strongest) Please!! (As always)
I've decided to be a baby devil (BLACK!! BABYMETAL)

But we're girls, you know
We lo~ve  sparkly things!!
We lo~ve cute things!!
We lo~ve yummy things!!

One for the money
Two for the money
Three for the money
Money! Money! Money! Money!

Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! But it!
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Let's go! Let's go!
Pleading strategy
Cutely huff up and act a little spoilt!
The strongest!! The greatest!!
Fool him with your angelic smile
Let's go! Let's go!
Pleading strategy
Keep what I got a secret from Mama!
The strongest!! The greatest!!
Gimme! Gimme!
Pleading strategy

Please!! (The strongest) Please!! (As always)
If I have to get married then it's definitely (Papa!!)
Please!! (The strongest) Please!! (As always)
A barracuda-like spoiled brat (BLACK!! BABYMETAL)
Please!! (The strongest) Please!! (As always)
Once in a lifetime (The first and the last)
Please!! (The strongest) Please!! (As always)
I've decided to be a baby devil (BLACK!! BABYMETAL)

See here for Japanese lyrics

Friday, 1 November 2013

An Inspirational Message from Mano-chan

Apparently this is like a 2ch tradition, that this video will be reposted in November. Enjoy~

Were you able to spend every day productively this year?

If you've noticed, it's already November
2 more months until it's 2010
Time passes by in a moment, doesn't it

But you know, I'm always thinking about this
It's no good to just look at the past
You have to live for the present
You need to work hard to realise your dreams

What is your dream?

Those without a dream, find one
Those with a dream, let's work hard to realise it
Just having one won't make it come true
Let's start on realising that dream

Good luck!