Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pic from RihoRiho’s blog postComment from 2ch:(Note: Shiri means butt)52 :名無し募集中。。。 2013/10/20(日) 23:41:35.47 0 さやし さや尻 さや尻ほ SayashiSaya-shiri (lit. Saya-butt)Saya-shiri-ho 

Comment from 2ch:
(Note: Shiri means butt)
52 :名無し募集中。。。 2013/10/20(日) 23:41:35.47 0 
さやし さや尻 さや尻ほ
Saya-shiri (lit. Saya-butt)

RihoRiho bought new earphones! However, she misspelt Audio-Technica (the maker of the earphones) as Audio-Technical on her blog
Comment from 2ch:
130: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/10/16(水) 23:42:18.92 0

理想 高級イヤホン買うなんて鞘師は違いの分かる子だね 現実 オーディオテクニカルwwwwwwwwwExpectation: Sayashi Riho who buys high-end earphones is a classy girlReality: Audio-Technical lololololololololol

RihoRiho bought new earphones! However, she misspelt Audio-Technica (the maker of the earphones) as Audio-Technical on her blog
Comment from 2ch:
130: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/10/16(水) 23:42:18.92 0
理想 高級イヤホン買うなんて鞘師は違いの分かる子だね

現実 オーディオテクニカルwwwwwwwww

Expectation: Sayashi Riho who buys high-end earphones is a classy girl
Reality: Audio-Technical lololololololololol

Duu's birthday shock

For a moment, it looked to me that someone had shoved a huge turd under Duu's nose and she was in shock.

RihoRiho, the second Dan Mitsu

Haruna: …Everyone seems mature
Riho: Really?
Mizuki: She said it
Riho: Recently, the fans have been telling me that I seem more mature
Haruna: Your seductiveness is emerging
Riho: During my birthday, someone told me that I should aim to become more mature, aim to be the second Dan Mitsu, and wished me good luck
Mizuki: Someone said that?
Riho: Yeah, there was someone who said that
Haruna: Fukumura-san, Fukumura-san, please don’t lose
Riho: Well, Momusu’s Dan Mitsu is Fuku-chan.
Mizuki: What does that mean? I don’t get what you mean
Riho: I think i’ll aim to be the next one
Haruna: What’s up with that?
Riho: Well it’s turned into an unrelated discussion, but please continue to oversee my development. Fuku-chan, please educate me
Mizuki: Eh, in what way?
Riho: Like how to make myself appear pretty
Mizuki: Nah, nah
Haruna: Yeah, it’s out of the question for me
Mizuki: Let’s go continue with the announcements

Maeda Yuuka「I was an idol♪」

Maeda Yuuka「I was an idol♪」
It seems that a friend of a friend became a good friend of Yuukarin at university.
That person, up to then, didn’t know about Yuukarin nor S/mileage,
and when that person commented「Yuuka-chan has such a fluffy cuteness, just like an idol!」
「I was an idol♪」was the reply.
I’m glad that we could check back in on Yuukarin’s well-being, through the story of that day in spring
Source: 2ch

Thursday, 24 October 2013

NHK Sohoko Quiz Tenka Touitsu

The folks at 910 percent translated the Q&A, but due to some oversight (XD) missed Momo's answers.
We'll see about that.

What do you usually wear, and are there any points that you're particular about?
Tsugunaga: A frilly one piece? Since I go to university in such frilly fashions, it ends up with everyone around me giving me cold looks...
For things that I'm particular about, the colour HAS to be pink? Since I always wear the same coloured clothes, I'm told "Momochi always wears the same clothes", but I won't give up this particular point!!

Is there anything beauty related that you worry about?
Tsugunaga: Unless I'm having a photo shoot for work, I go without makeup in my private life, always without makeup? Because I'm still cute without makeup??

For you, what does "stylish" mean?
Tsugunaga: Things that aren't out of fashion? Since I'm often told "Momochi's unfashionable", I want to be stylish?

A word for the viewers
Tsugunaga: Momochi isn't a person with a fashionable image, but a spunky student?? I'll try my best as a representative of this fashion-concious era, so I hope that all Otomomochi can lend their strength?


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess September 29th (233rd episode) Broadcast Postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/09/30 1:00 am)

For the first time in a while, we reported on "Momochi's First Experiences".
It was a story about... Going to perform at the "Yuzu" live.
While talking about that single theme, it became the record longest topic for this programme.
To tell you the truth, we discussed doing it in July,
but since Momoko-hime gave the following consideration
"I want to wait until the additional Yuzu-san tours end"
We kept it until September 29th.
The long awaited discussion, how was it?

Before we started recording, Momoko-hime said
"I think I might talk too much...".
After the talk
"I wonder if it turned out to be just what I normally talk with the fans..."

I think those who listened will understand,
The discussion that emerged
Was that the feeling of watching a performance is reflected in her own work.
"That was great" "That was cool" "I want to work hard"
Just getting to these unending comments was really wonderful

It would be good if someday, another day like this one, 
where half of the 30 minute show covered a single topic, would come!

Monday, 7 October 2013

La La La Love Song/ Kubota Toshinobu feat. Naomi Campbell

The merry-go-round spins round and round
Just like a melody that can't be extinguished or stopped
The melody that came alive

Wanna Make Love
Wanna Make Love Song Hey Baby

I was waiting on a rainy evening
About to run off into the street
My heart was down, like the falling rain
And you appeared with an umbrella

"It's just a coincidence"
You said while turning sideways
Acting against your true feelings
But it's okay to be like that
Since we're both the same

That was the miracle that brought us together
You Make Me Feel Brand New
Even the colour of my tears changed
And I Want A Love That's Brand New

This sweet kiss we're having has me almost out of breath
Not even a word is needed For this exceptional moment
You've given me courage So there's no reason to be shy
More real than mere words LA LA ... Love Song

Wanna Make Love
Wanna Make Love Song Hey Baby・・・・

Before I knew it I had lost myself
Not even a small fragment
Could pass through our embrace
Confirming it through our bodies

Even on a night where you can't see past the sky
You Are My Shining Star
I doesn't matter, as I can see you
And I Want To Be Your Shining Star

The merry-go-round spins round and round
Just like a melody that can't be extinguished or stopped
The melody that came alive
This never ending enjoyment
Sadness to the extent that it's miserable
That was what was born on that morning
A love song just for us

Before you can start to sigh
Come over here

LA LA LA・・・・
Wanna Make Love
Wanna Make Love Song Hey Baby・・・

(Japanese after break)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess September 15th (231st episode) Broadcast Postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/09/16 1:00 am)

A lot of letters were read out.

  • Recent Papachi news! {Trans note: Papachi refers to Momochis father}
    • Papachi putting strawberry ice cream into melon soda

  • There seems to be a new gyaru terminology "Nyantsuku"... {Trans note: Based on the letter, Nyantsuku means that in front of men, you act cat-like or angrily (tsundere?)}
    • The (female) audience of Waratte Iitomo were kind! {Trans note: Momo mentioned in her show that she appeared in Waratte Iitomo asking for advice because she was "unpopular among women" but the response of the female audience members proved otherwise)

  • How successful has the campaign to have your juniors refer to you as "Momochi-sempai" been?
    • She was deeply moved when Juice=Juice used the expression "Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo that Momochi-senpai is in" in front of a large audience. However, in front of Momochi they still use "Tsugunaga-senpai"

  • At a handshake event, what would be a good topic to talk about?
    • She'd be happy with even a direct "Please work hard"

Despite crossing the 200 mark [for the letters from listeners segment], we are still welcoming letters from listeners.
Those who have just become fans, even those who are as first time listeners, Momoko-hime will respond to your messages.

Momochi Happy Word Kobo

  • "A woman who brings heavy rain" -> "A woman who will make sure that your water storage is always at the 100% mark"
  • "Leaves it for others to do" -> "Skilled at depending on others' kindness"
  • "My confession was rejected" -> "For the time being, I've submitted my entry"

These three things were mentioned.
The passage talking about being skilled at depending on other's kindness led to a talk on "Would you call this being good at depending on other's kindness?".
However, the sentence "leaves it for others to do" really is a phrase that matches Momoko-hime!

The Yurushite-nyan Saiban concerns advising on "This year is the autumn of oo" that you end up hearing every year!
This kind of advice will be requested every time when the seasons change each year!
Although I do sympathise with the interviewers!
I've heard of fights, conflicts with idols.

Alone in the studio, a figure spins out these words one after another!
Yes, there only is the one person in the studio. Just Momoko-hime and your letters.
If you were to give this a try, you would feel extremely lonely.
Within, with such high spirits, talking as if in conversation with someone!
Indeed, from now on, please listen while imagining that figure!


Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess September 1st (229th episode) Broadcast postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/09/02 1:00 am)

Today there were three letters for the "Futsuu no Otayori" (Letters from listeners).

  • "I'm unable to take pills", "Is Momochi able to take pills?"

Momoko-hime very proudly informed us that:
"Having graduated about three years ago" "The medicine I used to take was this jelly-like thing they used to sell, have you heard of it?"
If you check at a pharmacy, it'll be there! I wouldn't know though~
However, I think it's the first time in 4 years that the question "Are you able to take pills" has been asked. Excellent question.

  • "Is it true that for elementary and middle schools in Chiba Prefecture, instead of assigning classroom order number based on (Japanese) alphabetical order, they base it on birthdays instead?"
From this letter, Momoko-hime talked about things specific to Chiba Prefecture, as well as requesting listeners to "tell me things specific to each prefecture!"
Momoko-hime said that "When chatting with members, I notice some differences", but I've never seen anyone actually saying "Ah, that's something that's only done in your hometown."
Please send in any examples where you've noticed this!
In my case, in every elementary and middle school in the southern part of Saitama where I come from, elementary schools used birthday order, while middle schools used alphabetical order.
These kind of reports we would  gladly welcome.

  • "Your juniors from Juice=Juice made references about you during the closing act [of a recent concert], did they make sure to ask for Momochi's permission beforehand?"
This letter led to an enthusiastic discussion her memories with her juniors.
Naruchika, I wonder how it'll turn out... {Trans note: Naruchika is the title of the Berryz x J=J concert running at the time}

For "Momochi ha Aidol" (Momochi is an Idol), there were three pieces.

  • Situation: During the opening ceremony for a pro baseball tournament, you become nervous and end up making a wild pitch
    Normal idol: "I got nervous despite having practised so much"
    Tsugunaga Momoko: "The ball didn't want to leave Momochi's hand because Momochi's too cute"
-> Led to a discussion of Dan Mitsu's proclamation at the opening of the baseball season "Isn't that target ok?" Indeed, she would like to learn how to throw a knuckle ball from S/mileage's Takeuchi Akari.

  • Situation: When asked "Between Momochi and Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi, whose cuteness shall prevail?"
    Normal idol: "Since both of us are cute, we can't be compared"
    Tsugunaga Momoko: "If it's between Yurushite-nyan and Usa-chan Peace, I'd value Yurushite-nyan more. Let's decide with janken."
-> She would never say the normal idol's "Since both of us are cute, we can't be compared", and such a accurate retort was included. Just what you'd expect.
  • Situation: When requested "Momochi always blogs in order to make event announcements, but I'd like her to write her impressions on these events"
    Normal idol: "I've worked hard today, so I'll write my impressions"
    Tsugunaga Momoko: "Momochi always faces forward and doesn't look back to the past. The things I'm interested in are all in the future"
-> A joke teasing her about her unchanging blog. Well, she talks about past events in Puri Puri.

Well, that was a lot of listener correspondence. Those who'd like try sending Momoko-hime a question, we'll be waiting.