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1001 Nights - The 34th Night: 100 questions to Nakajima Saki (Q1-50)

Another fan report translation from the Hello! Shop series of 1001 Nights talk show events.
This was held on the 28th of July 2016, with the hashtag #nksk. Will only be getting around to covering the first fifty questions.

Usual caveat that these are based on fan reports, and thus represent snippets of the event rather than a full-blown report.

Q1. How to deal with nervousness when taking chekis. 
Just be your normal self. I get nervous too when I meet aiko-san. Anyway, take a deep breath and calm down. I also heard from Nishiguchi-san that breathing out works as well, so I did it unconsciously before stepping up on-stage.

Q2. What do you do when irritated?
Nice scents soothe my nerves. I'll use hand creams, or if I'm at home, I'll put on some aroma candles. I still haven't gone on to use incense. How do you use them? Just light up the ends? I don't use a lighter. If I come upon some incense, I'll light them up.

Q3.  Anything you're particular about when it comes to clothes?
Most important is that they're easy to walk around and move in. I don't like tight clothing. Also, when it comes to colours, I follow what I've learnt from watching Hagiwara Mai-chan.

Q4. If you were to go on a ten day trip with a ℃-ute member, who would you go with?
Leader. I'd like to go diving once I get my diving licence. I enjoy the view and the animals, so I think it'd be fun to make all sorts of plans.

Q5. Have you got your driving qualifications yet?
I'm currently in the midst of applying for them. Actually, on the day of the FNS, my right wisdom tooth suddenly started to hurt. I had to put an icepack on it, which made the MomoClo-chans worried. The next day I went to the dentist to get it taken out. Two days later, I had a practice session at the pool.

Q6. Any plans for a PB?
Nope. No one's said anything about it. Leader had a shooting at Taiwan though, and that was pretty.

Q7. Top 3 aiko songs
I can't pick. I like the album 'Awa no You na Ai Datta'. aiko's songs are nice, but I like her voice.

Q8.Is there a Hello! or J-Pop song that you would like to choreograph a solo dance for?
I've never done choreography before. I've recently been struck by Amuro Namie-san, and I'd like to try doing Amuro-san's songs. If I had to do a song once, I'd like to do something like Morning Musume。´16's 'Zero zero zero'.

Q9. Are you cute today as well?
I don't think that way. In the morning, I had a photo shoot for 'mini'. I got made up by a pro, and I thought that I looked cute. So I'd like to learn up on that. I think that a girl who knows her stuff will be unrivalled in cuteness.

Q10. What's the thing you've thought about the most in ℃-ute?
I've been asked that before, but I have no idea. My ankles are flexible, so I've never had any big injuries. I've slipped and fell before as I was walking, but I've never had any problems.

Q11. When you carried Chisato in ℃oncerto, was she heavy?
There's a technique that lets me not feel the weight as much, but I'd feel the weight if I lost focus. When we're rehearsing in the mornings, I feel the weight. But during the real thing, I'm so into it that I don't feel the weight.

Q12. What would you like to achieve this summer?
I'd like to go diving. I can't wait to dive in the sea. Even though I still haven't got my licence, I've recently ordered a diving suit, which should arrive in autumn. I'd also like to have a BBQ.

Q13. Have you got your diving C card yet?
Not yet. We had our ShimaShima bus tour in June, and we went diving in Okinawa before that. I'm still passionate about it. I'd like to go snorkelling at our next bus tour. But we wouldn't be able to talk if that were the case though.

Q14. Are you playing Pokemon Go?
I've downloaded it. I tried it out, but I'm not sure how it works. I'd need to have to walk around since it's location based. Apparently lots of Magikarp appear if you look up 'Nacky' on Twitter. Talking about Magikarp, Mai-chan caught one and sent a picture of it via LINE.

Q15. Have you ever thought about singing and dancing at the centre of the stage?
If I'm in the middle, then members would be on both sides of me, so I'd use them as reference point.s But I prefer watching from the sides.

Q16. What coast would you like to go diving off when you get your scuba licence?
Izu. Apparently seas are affected by the season as well, so I'd like to dive there. I was told by Gekkan Entame's cameraman that Kyushu's even more fun, so I'd like to go there as well.

Q17. Will you hold a long event, like what Okai-chan did?
I want to give it a try. Okai-chan tried out a lot of new things. We did solos at bus tours, and we might continue with that. I want to do another bus tour. I wish I could have talked more with everyone, but we could only talk until eleven.

Q18. Any stories from when you did the drama shooting with Ishikawa-san?
Ishikawa-san is a nice person. We talked about all sorts of things. Ishikawa-san brought food from home. I want the cooling bag that she had, but I didn't get around to asking her where she got it. The drama will go on air on the first of August.

Q19. Are you concerned about the popularity of H!P's younger groups?
Not really. I do check out how the groups are doing at Hello! Cons. The upcoming groups look like they're having fun, so it's fun to watch them. Everyone in ANGERME are such good friends, and their songs are nice.

Q20. Won't you appear on Young Town?
I've been on it twice, though there were other girls at the time. The pace was really fast, so it was difficult for me. I'm amazed at how the kouhai can talk with Sanma-san and Shouji-san.

Q21. What do you like about yourself? Besides the fact that you look really cute.
My simplicity. When I feel down, if there's something that lifts me up, I get pulled up, and things don't drag on.

Q22. Jinsei ha Step's outfits were really sexy, but what did you think?
I said during the fitting that I wouldn't be able to dance in an outfit that bared my shoulders, but I was surprised how easy it was to dance in when I had to dance for the shooting. I didn't really think that it was particularly sexy.

Q23. Is there a new hobby that you'd like to make a start on?
Diving. I'm currently crazy about it. Besides that, I'd like tableware. A new chopping board would make cooking more fun. I bought a circular wooden chopping board and a sheet chopping board. Cooking ingredients look cute on wood.

Q24. How do you choose your nail designs?
I look them up online when I go for Nakayama Chieko-san's gel nails. Chieko-san is really up-to-date with the latest trends, so she gives recommendations. Things get more cheerful with colours on my hand.

Q25. Members that you've become close to, or members who you want to become close to, during this Hello! Con.
Ogawa-chan and Hirose-chan came to my radio show recently. Since then, I've been watching Hirose-chan's stage performances. I'm also close with Kenshuusei Horie-chan. I think that I could even go out for lunch with Horie-chan.

Q26. Do you think that you're calculative?
Eh? I can't be calculative
Nishiguchi: They aren't talking about the times table, you know?
I don't think so. If I was calculative, it'd be easier for me to understand things.

Q27. Why doesn't ℃-ute have a subleader?
You're asking me? If I had to say, everyone seems like a subleader. Everyone has their own individual opinions. I don't think that there would be opportunities for a subleader to shine even if we had one. It's probably because we're fine without one.

Q28. Who do you know from amongst the H!P Kenshuusei?
I know them! I can't name all of them though. I still don't know the new girls, like Kirara-chan. The ones I know are like Horie-chan. At shuffle songs, Airi and I will seek out Horie-chan. The way she dances is different. When we bring along Kenshuusei on ℃-ute tours, we get letters or boards with messages at the end.

Q29. Please go ahead and talk as much as you want about diving.
Well, I've already said quite a lot. Diving is a dangerous sport. But just by breathing, it let me see a world I've never seen before in the wide seas. The only thing I can hear are the sound of bubbles, which lets me concentrate. It feels like I've become a new person, and I forget the unpleasant things in life.

Q30. Please talk about how wonderful diving is.
That's enough! Enough! It's wonderful! Done!

Q31. What's a shuffle unit that you'd like to see at a Hello! Con?
I'd like to see Fukuchan and Airi. It might be unexpected, but I personally like both their voices. I also like Fukuchan's voice when she does ad-libs. I want the two of them to sing a relaxing song.

Q32. Favourite hiragana letter?
I quite likes 'Sa'  (さ). Isn't its roundness adorable? The letter I like least is 'Re' (れ). It's difficult to write. I have no idea how long the second stroke should be. '℃' is round and difficult to write. I always writes it with such force that it gets smudged.

Q33. Favourite sushi topping.

Q34. I'm scared of getting water onto my face, so please tell me about the attractiveness of diving.
Your whole head is covered when you go diving, so you don't need to be scared. How about going snorkelling? Only your face goes into the water, and you can see fishes. It might make you more interested in trying diving out.

Q35. Is studying for a diving licence difficult? I'm thinking about taking it myself, so please share any fun stories.
It's difficult. But diving is fun!

Q36. What did you think of the Chichibu strawberry curry?
Why did they have to make it into curry? The plus points of Chichibu strawberries get destroyed by the curry. It'd definitely be yummier as a desert.

Q37. What song you want to sing now?
I'd like to sing aiko-san's songs. They're difficult, so when I was in senior high, I'd sing them alone at karaoke.

Q38. What leaves an impression at you at H!P concerts?
Something I can't forget was the graduation of Kamei-san, Junjun, and LinLin. During Seishun Collection, everyone was joining hands. And the illuminations looked like flowers. That gave me goosebumps.

Q39. Top 5 food that you personally like. Excluding things like motsu, that are eaten in groups.
Pickles, avocados, natto tamago kake gohan, grapefruits, honey cinnamon yoghurt.

Q40. Favourite outfit.
I like the fluttery pink outfit that we wore when we were singing Summer Wind at ℃oncerto.

Q41. The world's three beauties are Cleopatra, Nakajima Saki, and...?
Leader is of course beautiful. But recently, I've noticed how pretty Wada Ayaka-chan is.

Q42. Are you still continuing to take photos with your kouhai?
You'll find out in the next broadcast of my radio show, or the one after. I'll be be undergoing a punishment game.

Q43. Who do you like in P-League?
Everyone's cute. Nawa-senshu resembles Cleopatra. Let's see... Urara-san and Nishimura-san's way of bowling is cool.

Q44. Nacky, I love you so much that I can't go to sleep. What should I do?
That's crazy. Stop lying. That's all I have to say, stop lying.

Q45. Are you attending cooking classes?
Not at the moment. But I'd like to go for classes if I could find someplace where I could go two or three times in a month. I prefer cooking slowly, rather than in a rush. I enjoy plating things up cutely.

Q46. Including ℃-ute and the graduated members, who's the H!P member who you're closest to?
The ℃-ute members. No one in particular, it's just that I've spent the most time with them. If I had to pick one, Mai-chan, I guess. She really likes to talk, while I like to listen.

Q47. Do you communicate with your kouhai at Hello! Cons?
I'm trying hard to improve myself compared to before. At shuffle rehearsals, the sensei praise me a lot, which makes me feel self-conscious. But I've been having fun, making eye contact with the kouhai.

Q48. Favourite dish to cook.
Pickles are really delicious. Also when drumettes and boiled eggs are cooked together.

Q49. Kenshuusei you've got your eyes on.

Q50. Nakajima-san, you've been an idol since you were in primary school. Please give some advice to your kouhai who are still in school.
I want them to make memories. Work is important, but I hope that they spend their time doing things that they can only do when they're young. Like going to Disneyland in school uniforms and having fun with friends.

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