Saturday, 23 May 2015

Just before their last concert, the words conveyed to 「Berryz Kobo」 by Tsunku♂ who lost his voice were…

Diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in February last year、 Tsunku♂ had been undergoing treatment。
Attending the school entrance ceremony of Kinki University on the 4th of April, his confession that「My vocal cords were removed、 I lost my voice」 became a topic of discussion。
Also、 before the curtains were raised for the last concert of the Tsunku♂-produced Berryz Kobo (3rd March ・ Nippon Budokan)、 he himself actually went to visit the members。
Having already lost his voice、 he had a member of staff read out a letter。“Momochi” Tsugunaga Momoko looks back on it。
Tsugunaga 「We received “words” from Tsunku-san♂。 Looking back from our début、 he told us 『Do not forget your gratitude towards the fans』。 Those words really hit the mark。…Honestly、 before the curtains were raised、 I felt like I was drifting。 But、 Tsunku♂-san's words made me think 『That's right、 I have to get my feet properly on the ground and stand on-stage』」
Despite this being just before the curtains were raised、 the members ended up crying…。 As a result、 the start of the concert was delayed by 20 minutes。
Tsugunaga 「For us、 we had been raised with lots of love。 I'd like to convey the feelings that we learnt from Tsunku♂-san to the kouhai

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