Thursday, 21 May 2015

【Article directed to fanatics】 Morning Musume ・ Fukumura Mizuki's abnormal 「Momochi love」

Fukumura Mizuki who says she extremely likes Momochi (Left)

 We found out that 「Morning Musume。’15」's new leader、 Fukumura Mizuki-san (18) is a huge fan of 「Momochi」 Tsugunaga Momoko (23)。 In the time we had in between the withnews interview where we would be asking about Morning Musume。's future、 she earnestly talked about her “Momochi love”。 Since the contents are for enthusiasts、 we've compiled it for those who would enjoy it。

 Fukumura Mizuki-san has been a Momochi fan from even before she entered 「Hello! Project」。 We talked about Momochi、 who has assumed the role of Playing Manager for 「Country Girls」 after Berryz Kobo entered their indefinite hiatus。

「Momochi」 Tsugunaga Momoko-san。 With 「Berryz Kobo」 having entered their indefinite hiatus、 she serves as the Playing Manager of 「Country Girls」

Likes her too much 「I can't even exchange contact addresses・・・」

 「 I'm super jealous that (the members of Country Girls and Momochi) get to exchange e-mail addresses。 I can't exchange addresses with her。 I just can't ask that」

Fukumura Mizuki 

「While drawing out the personalities of the members、 the model of taking the lead」

 「We occasionally get to work together、 and it feels amazing、 but I have no idea what to do to get to that point。 But、 I don't want to lose to Tsugunaga-san's group。 We were taught a lot from Michishige-san、 and I think that there are many people who would envy us because of that」

Country Girls ・ Momochi is top-left
 「I think that H!P has arrived on the “cool path”。 Amidst that、 the ones who can appeal completely with cuteness would be Country Girls。 With Tsugunaga-san as Playing Manager、 I think that they're a really really powerful group。 I envy the members of Country who are learning under Tsugunaga-san。 At MCs、 she brings up the personalities of the members、 and Tsugunaga-san leading them along is really wonderful。 I'd like to apprentice under her from a lot more close-by」

Obsession with the “Momochi Musubi”

 「Seeing her as a fan、 Tsugunaga-san is completely different to how she was when she entered H!P。 She changed from cute to stylish。 When I think about how Tsugunaga-san is normally like、 the answer immediately springs to mind。 When she joined Country、 I think that it was huge that she stopped with the “Momochi Musubi (Twintail-based hairdo)”。 I think that if Tsugunaga-san had the Momochi Musubi、 everyone would see nothing but that。 For the sake of Country、 Tsugunaga-san stopped with the Momochi Musubi。 For Country、 I think that while she lets those around her shine、 she's found a new style to for her to stand out」

Berryz Kobo announcing their indefinite hiatus。 Momochi looking out with the 「Momochi Musubi」

 「But it's sad to be unable to see the Momochi Musubi。 The Momochi Musubi、 they changed from day to day。 On days when she's not in good condition, she'd bind them with a “small rubber band”、 and the cut hair would stick out。 It's sad to not be able to see that any more・・・。 And since she isn't using it any more、 I'd be happy to take them」

Source: withnews

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