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Makita Journal Interview File 004: ℃-ute Suzuki Airi (Hello! Project)

(Originally posted 31st October 2014)

INTERVIEW FILE 004 ℃-ute Suzuki Airi  (Hello! Project)

Here's the 4th 「Makita Journal」 by PASSPO☆'s pea-green・'Sakotei' Makita Sako-san! With her interest in writing and interviewing、  it's a project to forge her interviewing ability through interviews with people from all sorts of backgrounds! Appearing this time around、 finally・・・ it's the goddess that Makita Sako admires。Suzuki Airi-san, currently flourishing in ℃-ute!

Makita  「、、、(Preparing notes and a recorder)」

Suzuki  「Looks pretty professional。」

Makita  「Ah、 yes、 ah、 welcome、 we've worked together several times before, but I'm secretly a big fan, so my heart was always thumping。」

Suzuki  「Is that so!?  I thought that you might just be saying that superficially!(laughs)」

Makita  「No no no!! When I have to greet you, I feign composure and thank you for your hard work like normal, but when we get back to our dressing room, I always get into a panic wondering what I should do、 the members of PASSPO☆ will tell me 『Sako、 just act like normal。』。」

Suzuki  「I didn't know that〜!(laughs)」

Makita  「So、 there's lots of things I want to ask Airi-chan through Makita Journal、 but the staff-san always told me that it'd be impossible since I'd get so nervous talking 1-on-1 that I wouldn't get anything done。 But having gone through all that, I'd like to do my best and ask you about all sorts of things。」

Suzuki  「I'll do my best to speak clearly as well!」

Makita  「You're cute so it's all right。」

Suzuki  「That's no good〜!Now that I've gone past twenty, that's become even more unforgivable。」

MakitaSuzuki  「(Laughs) Pleasure to be working with you!!」

Maktia  「Um、 what I like most about Suzuki Airi-san are your facial expressions when you sing、 and how you change it to match the song, it's really a good reference。」

Suzuki  「Eh! I'm really sorry about that!」

Makita  「I really think that you tower above the rest。」

Suzuki  「That's not the case〜 Seriously, me?〜!!」

Maktia  「What do you think about when you sing?」

Suzuki  「In the past, I always looked up to Takahashi Ai-san, and I'd always watch her whenever we had  a Hello! Pro concert together、 but I never could bring myself to ask her myself、 so when I analysed her (through observation), she really was acting the song out。 There are times when she gets so into the role of the song's subject that her tears come out、 it's amazing。 In the past、 I basically merely thought about what's the best way to sing、 or how should I make myself appear cute. I thought that it was unrelated to me, but when I got into senior high, the opportunities I had to do acting on video increased、 and at some point I realised, 'Why don't I do it with music too!'、 and since then, it's been easier for me to thrust myself into the song。 On the one hand, I'm completely Suzuki Airi! when it comes to energetic songs、 but for songs that mostly tell a heart-breaking story, I turn completely into the protagonist、 so I hardly ever meet the eyes of the fans (laughs)」

Makita  「Eh~! I see。 Also、 Airi-chan has this image of being strong at singing、 but I really like your dancing too。」

Suzuki  「That makes me really happy! I'm only told that by about 1 out of 10 people~!!」

Makita  「Um、 the movement of your hips is wonderful!!!」

Suzuki  「Ahahaha!! Although there are lots of people who think that but don't say it (laughs)。」

Makita  「I think that there are a lot of moves with an accent attached when it comes to ℃-ute-san's choreography、 but I think the way Airi-chan puts in the accent, it's forceful and cool。 How is it that you can move like that。」

Suzuki  「How is it, huh、、、 How should I put it。 Ah、 but my body's flexible! I hardly ever bend forward, but I'm fine with the splits。 Since I did rhythmic gymnastics a long time ago。」

Makita  「Ehー! Do you also do muscle training?」

Suzuki  「For muscle training, it's roughly what's included in the training for ℃-ute's tour。 I place a lot of importance on my waist、and I read on the 'Net that it's bad for your waist if you do sit-ups wrongly, so I hardly ever do those (laughs)。 It seems that you have to use a method that suits you。 But at home, I dance to KARA's 'Mister'。」

Makita  「Amazing、 you really put in a lot of effort! That's why you've got such a slim waist。」

Suzuki  「I dance alone to just that 'Lalala lalala' part on repeat, it's seriously gross!(laughs)」

Makita  「Normally, do you often practise to prepare for your dances?」

Suzuki  「Once a tour starts、 we receive video footage of the concert every time、 and when we're at our lodging, we all gather in a single room and we take a close look at our own parts in the concert。 A long time ago, this led to fights, but now we understand each other's habits, and because we're aware that we have to match one another, we're able to say our views without holding back。 And because of that, by the time we realise it, it's 2 in the morning, and we're sleepy the next day (laughs)。」

Makita  「Wellー、 that's amazing! I'd have expected no less。 Within Hello! Project, I think that ℃-ute-san often appears on showdown concerts、but do you check out other groups?」

Suzuki  「We tended to get pretty negative when we first started appearing on showdown concerts、 and then when we were doing on together with PASSPO☆-san, we were like 『I've heard this song on television, and we're next, this is impossible, no way no way no way!』 (laughs)。 But as we gained experience、 we had to be confident as it would be disrespectful to the fans、 recently we're doing it in ℃-ute's own way, but it really motivated us。 I really like showdown concerts。」

Maktia  「You'd expect no less。 I believe that there are a lot of girls who can't say the things they want to say to one another、 but does ℃-ute-san say the things you want to say to one another?」

Suzuki  「I'm also the type that doesn't mention what I want to say。 But we're like childhood friends, so even the things we don't say come to light。 Like 'That girl's currently irritated。'、 or 'She's going to cry。' So we say things when we want to say them、 and on the other hand, there are times when it's ok to not say things so daringly、 I think that the balance comes naturally。」

Makita  「I'm sure that you understand after spending such a long time together。」

Suzuki  「That's right。 Since we've been together even more than with our families。」

Makita  「With 9 years having passed since your formation and an increase in kouhai、 from the aspect of feelings, like your sense of responsibility, how have they changed?」

Suzuki  「With our senpais gradually graduating and us going up in age、 there was only this feeling of discomfort at first。 It's changed from the days where we had extremely strict senpai、 but by the time we noticed it, we were the oldest。 I'm bad from the aspect of being a senpai, like I don't respond when I'm called out with a '-san' attached to my name、 but having said that, those are the circumstances、 so just as we looked up to our senpai and absorbed lots of things from then, so too should we appear to our kouhai。 We can't let ourselves lose steam。」

Makita  「Is there a kouhai who has caught your notice?」

Suzuki  「I don't know them yet, but there are a lot of talented girls who'll be joining Morning Musume。‘14 as 12th gen members, so we'll be able to discover lots about them once we do activities together。」

Makita  「But in Hello! Pro, the groups really do get along with one another。」

Suzuki  「That's right。 In the past, there was a bigger distance between senpai and kouhai、 but recently, we're closer, as there's less of an age gap。  Though there aren't any senpai who will snap and give them a scolding、 so we have to make something new in its own right。 We have to properly use the on-off switch。」

Makita  「What a good relationship。 That's spectacular。 ℃-ute-san has done performance at the Budokan for 2 years in a row、 and what's more, the tickets sold out on the day of release, have you not thought 'Our time has comeー!'?」

Suzuki  「No no no! If you think such things, it'll bring down your fortune!! That's what definitely happens at those times! We can't let our guard down, so even now we perform each and every concert carefully。」

Makita  「How wonderful、、、」

Suzuki  「Since the flow of the world is fast~!」

Maktia  「You must think that way because you've been active for a long time and have had all sorts of experiences。 I'm seeing the light、 in all sorts of things。」

Suzuki  「Fans of idols definitely like young girls!(laughs)」

Makita  「I really do think that。」

Suzuki  「Right! It's occurred to me that we're not getting young girls~ 、 so ℃-ute have to expand our reach and highlight what's great about us besides  our youth, and so recently we've also been thinking about promotional goods and our setlists。」

Makita  「Have you tried writing lyrics?」

Suzuki  「Honestly, I really want to give it a try、 but until the bitter end, we're produced by Tsunku-san, so we've never said anything concerning compositions。 But due to the circumstances of the performances in the current tour, there are songs where the singing parts are distributed differently among the members。」

Makita  「I wish I could go and watch it、、、」

Suzuki  「Ehー! Please come! Are you free on the 11th of November?」

Makita  「I'm freeー!!!」

Suzuki  「What are you saying! You're pretty pumped, so I want you to watch it。」

Makita  「I'll definitely go。 Airi-chan has a lot of solo work, things like gravure and acting, so how do you feel when dealing with those?」

Suzuki  「I often get asked 'Are you lonely?', but that isn't the case at all、 and I actually can relax since there isn't anyone to compare myself to。 Even in my private time, I'm the type that doesn't find any difficulty in doing things alone。 But I always make sure to not forget that I'm ℃-ute's Suzuki Airi。」

Makita  「How wonderful。 Along with your solo work, Airi-chan makes sure to carry along you group with you, it always leaves an impression while I'm seeing it。」

Suzuki  「That's not the case~!」

Makita  「So I think I'll ask you about your private life! What are you studying at university?」

Suzuki  「There's no major and I'm pretty free to choose、 but I've always had an interest in musical cognitive science, so I'm taking classes for that。」

Makita  「Ohー! Do you get recognised in your university?」

Suzuki  「When I'm at school, I doggedly want to be a normal girl、 so I don't talk about work, and I can loosen up。」

Maktia  「I see。 What's something you've been into recently?」

Suzuki  「I really like Ariana Grande! I got a huge shock when I found out that she's only 1 school grade above me and the same age as me、 her singing and dancing are so good that she's close to my ideal of an artiste。 She has a great effect on me。」

Makita  「Her singing is really good。 Getting back a little to talking about work、 what do you think about your contemporaries Berryz Kobo-san entering their indefinite hiatus?」

Suzuki  「All of Berryz Kobo came to our dressing room and told us directly before they announced it、 and I was struck dumb, but with the passage of time and having thought about it, the tears that came naturally wouldn't stop。 We'd been together ever since we entered H!P、 I couldn't imagine a H!P without Berryz Kobo、 and because of that, we thought deeply about our own future。 But now I'd like to treasure the little remaining time where we get to work together, and until the very end, I'd like to give their backs a push with a smile。」

Makita  「They're rivals as well as treasured companions, right。」

Suzuki  「If I talk about the past, then Berryz Kobo will definitely be there somewhere。 What's more, you really get the feeling that they themselves are treasuring the little time remaining。 Seeing that makes me want to cry。 But while we're making memories together until the end、 I'd like to be a good rival and a good companion。」

Makita  「Well then, please tell us your future goals, personal and as a group!」

Suzuki  「As a group、 I'd like us to become a group where the all 5 of us are active individually, but get even more powered up when we're gathered up。 Since individually, we want to do different things。 Also, whatever happens, I'd like to treasure September 10th。 Even when we're grannies, the members will gather up on that day and have a good chat。 Even though it isn't the day of our début, it's really important。 Personally、even though I'm thinking of picking up the guitar or English, I'd like to do them properly  and not leave them half-complete、 and since I have a dream of being a lyricist in the future, I won't let that be left undone before I die (laughs)。 Also, I definitely want to do something to the fans who have always been stimulating us。 They say that they can do their best on tests because Airi-chan's doing her best、 it makes me want to work harder because they're working hard。」

Makita  「The mirror of idols, right!! You think about the fans this much!!」

Suzuki  「That's not it! ℃-ute's fans are extremely good people。 Since I think that there's a warmth at where ℃-ute has events。 It's embarrassing、 being called something like a mirror! The skin of my lips ends up peeling (laughs)。」

Makita  「Hahaha! Well then, finally, what I wanted to ask the most。 Why did you grow out your bangs? (laughs)」

Suzuki  「There it is! That's your final question??  At first, a manager-san pointed out that the shape of my eyebrows were too straight。 But I had an obsession over straight eyebrows and I knew that there were fans who like it、 so I had a big cry on that day (laughs)。 But I was told that it would be good to try out all sorts of things, so I thought that I'd just challenge myself a little, and they were so comfortable when I grew them out that I didn't cut them in the end。 But occasionally I make use of detachable bangs, and those are really good! A fan told me about those。 Now I'm enjoying making changes。 So fixated on my bangs, something impossible in a Suzuki Airi-like way occurred! (laughs)」

Makita  「I see、 that was clear! And like that, that's it for the interview! Thank you very much!」

Suzuki  「Thank you very much!」

(Quick translation of the video)
Makita: Hey, everyone, good day. For the fourth instalment of Makita Journal, my long-wished desire has come true, I net with that goddess that I so so love. That person is...... Suzuki Airi-chan!

(On screen; Suzuki Airi descends onto Makita Journal!)

Makita: Airi-chan!

Suzuki: I can't I can't I can't.....

Suzuki: Ehehe, sorry, here I am

Makita: Wow! Now, I and Suzuki Airi-sama are appearing in the middle of the screen!

Suzuki: What are you talking about (laughs)

Suzuki: Ah, oh my (laughs)

Makita: It's kind of like a miracle. And this serialisation that started from Kishida Bou-san, in a flow that I don't really get, a goddess has descended for the 4th instalment

Suzuki: That's weird (laughs) My apologies, I didn't intend to appear! I'm really sorry! It's kinda...

(On screen; Making a proper announcement!)

Makita: We really had a lot of wonderful discussions, so I'll do my best to write it down! Well then, look forward to it~

Source: Makita Journal

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