Tuesday, 2 June 2015

ChisaAi on being songstresses in H!P

(Excerpt from Entame March 2013)

--- The winter Hello! Cons have started.

Okai: This time around, it's interesting. I can't spoil anything in detail, but each group sings songs from a different group. And so, we're really baring our spirit of rivalry. But, I want to be thought of as the coolest.

Suzuki: Yup! Since it feels that ℃-ute definitely have been zoomed-out from Hello! Cons so far. It's often said that '℃-ute have a small presence in Hello! Cons'.

--- Who says it?

Suzuki: Our dance teachers...... And also ourselves (laughs). But this time we'll sing with confidence!

Okai: That's right. This time, the 2 of us will sing 'Kanashiki Heaven'.

--- With the decidedly high level harmonies from the 2 of you, your strategy is to leave an impact.

Okai: It's just that recently, what's caught our attention is that Morning Musume。´s Sayashi (Riho)-chan and Oda Sakura-chan are doing similar things.

--- Opposing one another with harmonies (laughs).

Suzuki: It feels like 'They're quick~, we're being emulated!' (laughs).

Okai: Despite the fact that it took us countless years to get to this point. It seems that Tsunku♂-san said that Oda-chan is a songstress we haven't seen since Matsuura-san, but honestly, we don't want to lose in that aspect!

Suzuki: We won't lose! ...... Well, but there isn't any winning or losing when it comes to singing though.

Okai: Airi! Maybe you intended to say something cool just now, but it wasn't cool (laughs). Because it's like we're suddenly getting cold feet.

Suzuki: You know, since the new girls now are really impressive. It's kind of like we're afraid of something bad happening. But, the 2 of them can't win over our feelings. When it comes to singing, the passion of our soul won't lose.... kinda (embarrassed).

Okai: Airi, I think that was cool (laughs).

--- High-tone Suzuki-san and intense Okai-san, you have different styles as vocalists.

Okai: I think we've got a good balance. Airi really has this sense of stability, I really think 'Can her voice come out from anywhere?' Even looking at the Hello! Cons, I think that Airi leads the H!P of the present in singing. It becomes really good motivation, and I think I'm lucky to have a rival so close to me.

Suzuki: For Chisato, even her humming in her everyday life is skilled. At the Hello! Cons, there are parts that I can't sing, that only Chisato can sing, and it's at those times that I feel like showing my pride, 'This is our ℃-ute's Okai Chisato, what do you think!'

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