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[2ch] The relationships within Juice=Juice

Establishing Juice=Juice's hierarchy

1 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/27(月) 23:31:56.40

2 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/27(月) 23:32:50.72
It's so crazy realistic that I pulled back

3 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/27(月) 23:33:04.21
Miyazaki-san, keeping inconspicuous in the middle, is pulling the strings behind-the-scenes

4 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/27(月) 23:34:10.98
Like this is anything new lol
You'd know this even without seeing it

5 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/27(月) 23:34:52.02
Chansan is always at the bottom

6 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/27(月) 23:36:30.83
Is Uemuu the empress?

7 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/27(月) 23:38:25.27
The only one who fits is the bottom-most

8 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/27(月) 23:40:13.26
No matter how you look at it, it's in order

10 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/27(月) 23:48:43.21
If that's the case, then Takagi would be higher

11 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/27(月) 23:54:03.73
Miyazaki-san is like the under-the-surface empress

15 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/28(火) 00:36:31.80
Isn't it simply by order of height

17 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/28(火) 01:09:50.49
Aarii with her lips on kntm's drink is cute

19 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/28(火) 01:17:00.49
Karin's an elementary schoolboy

20 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/28(火) 01:21:22.57
kntm's pose is reminiscent of beer commercials from ages ago

24 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/28(火) 01:32:37.15
In the world of women, when taking photos
It's natural to think that the person foremost in the middle wields the authority 

33 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/10/28(火) 04:04:48.15
Are those Smirnoff bottles?
At the end of JJ's concert, Kanazawa Tomoko has words of criticism for Takagi Sayuki! An uneasy atmosphere floats in the area

1 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:05:42.80

2 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:06:24.53
Tomoko-sama's scary

3 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:06:49.63
Lecturing her to lose weight

6 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:07:48.54
The only person remaining sitting amongst the standing members
How high-and-mighty

9 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:08:26.78
The words 'No!No!' are inserted in the picture lol
This is serious lol

11 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:09:12.71
That expression where their eyes aren't meeting is really scary

12 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:09:18.00
Umー、 what was the leader Miyazaki-san doing during this time?
Don't take photos

13 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:09:49.44
She's the person taking them, isn't she

14 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:10:04.04
Haven't seen the self-reflecting monkey recently

16 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:11:22.08
A female gang leader

17 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:11:30.35
Looks like Karin's getting told off too

20 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:13:32.97
With Chansan crossing her hands in front of her, it feels so realistic that it's really scary

25 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:15:52.34
Putting that aside, it's bespectacled Chansan

30 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:17:57.18
What did Saruki get up to

33 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:18:33.64
Bespectacled Karin-chansan is cute

39 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:23:43.85

45 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:35:40.91
Karin-chan is like a mangaka

35 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/12/14(日) 22:19:40.19
Is there still not a Tomoko-sama individual criticism event


Miyamoto Karin「I went Tomo-sama Tomo-sama Oshoki Kibonnuー」

1 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 01:17:49.58
3rd solo
Miyamoto → Watashi no Kokoro、 Miyazaki → My Days For You、 Kanazawa→ Romantic Ukare Mode

When asked about their thoughts about the solo corner during the MC、

Karin< More than my song、 I kinda went 「Tomo-sama Tomo-sama Oshioki Kibonnu (Tomo-sama, Tomo-sama, I wish for punishment)」!

Karin-chan was excited lol

2 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 01:18:40.70
This call is even officially recognised by the Hello! members

3 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 01:19:21.76
Because it's famous

4 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 01:21:52.07
The enforced sitting for this song was even more of a punishment

8 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 02:04:00.24
That's a pretty strict punishment lol

5 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 01:23:27.01
I got really excited with Karin-chan's great excitement

12 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 07:44:53.11
Karin-chan wants punishment

17 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 08:07:49.86
It's irresistible since Karin-chan's such an M

18 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 08:15:27.94
She's being broken in・・

23 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 10:21:03.05
Karin-chan's using wota jargon
It's kind of uncomfortable…

26 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 12:11:07.94
Rather than saying she was using it intentionally as wota jargon
Doesn't it mean she wanted to pump it up together with the wota at the guest seats

21 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 09:45:19.54


22 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 09:46:32.71

30 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 21:15:07.45
Yesterday it was revealed to the whole world that Karin-chan was punished immediately after by being imprisoned in a locker …



1 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:13:23.78

5 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/05(水) 22:39:46.21 0
Are you a cat!

7 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/05(水) 22:40:39.87 0

This is Takagi Sayuki。 We're having a break now
In the locker… A kid is now in it!!#KoiHello  #Miyamoto-san'sCuteBut  #YOLO #takagisayuki #miyamotokarin

13 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/05(水) 22:45:49.21 0
Is this the storehouse for spare Karins?

21 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/05(水) 22:49:02.02 0
kntm kicked her in with her feet

26 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/05(水) 22:52:34.99 0
Inside a locker, she can listen to her Walkman with good sound quality!

29 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/05(水) 22:56:09.06 0

34 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/05(水) 22:58:16.63 0
How nostalgic

43 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/05(水) 23:43:27.19 0

45 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/05(水) 23:58:10.09 0
There was a time when it was cold last year as well…

50 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/06(木) 00:03:41.03 0
I'm happy!
71 :名無し募集中。。。@転載は禁止:2014/11/06(木) 21:22:53.01 0
I won't come out until Nanamin returns-rin

2 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:14:07.83
Has JJ's teasing escalated to this extent

3 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:14:31.96
She、 she's dead・・・!!! 

11 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:17:21.93

5 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:15:03.03
Stop it with Yaguchi's trademark gag

8 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:16:31.74
I want to shut the door and bring her back

17 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:19:58.67
Making progress in all sorts of ways

18 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:20:22.24

23 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:23:00.94
Yaguchi Respect

24 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:23:05.43
Next will be a travelling bag

27 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:24:43.46
That's a sad expression

28 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:25:18.88
Killing herself to chase after Tanabe

31 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:32:43.23
Since the photographer had no reaction, it isn't that she entered it as a joke
It's just that she went in for a rest and was discovered by the photographer

32 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:33:04.52
For idols, small ones are definitely better

33 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:33:44.82
Takagi cameraman, Good Job
Successfully took a shot of a valuable ecology

34 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:34:29.15
If you do that, it's easy to protect your body as your opponent can only come from the front

37 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:36:03.07
Is that Nanamin's locker (Whatever works

44 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:43:41.97
I'd like to observe this Karin-chan throughout the day

49 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:47:15.54
When she opens her eyes, everyone's gone home and it's pitch black

51 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:48:24.44
Karin「I was discarded here」

52 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:48:35.61
Karin「I'm not being bullied! Why do people say that・・・(cries)」

57 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:50:25.45
Ah、 they're just having fun (voice quivering)

58 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:50:40.52
Karin-chan「I'm the teased character・・・ I don't really get teased・・・」

68 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 14:56:18.63
Karin-chan's learning to box

81 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 15:48:42.05
Who, who did this‥ You can't put living things in coin lockers

83 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 15:52:49.25
If it was Maro, she'd get stuck and wouldn't be able to get out

98 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 18:37:32.22
Is this a Karin-chan murder case

117 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 19:32:48.25

118 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 19:35:59.84

124 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/06(木) 19:35:33.32
Her leg muscles are amazing

129 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/07(金) 09:33:30.21
Is that the rumoured Karin-chansan house?

130 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/07(金) 10:09:30.37
Karin-chan's dressing room

100 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2014/11/05(水) 18:49:33.91
Is Chansan in the middle of charging??? 


And here's something I subbed a while back, showing the evolution of JJ's leader. (Turn on CC for subs)

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