Monday, 10 October 2011

Missing Aichan

So, Aichan's graduated.

I'll be honest - I've always been in 'Aichan has a boring/no personality' camp. My reaction to her graduation - 'good riddance'.

I finally had some time to finish off the bonus Blu Ray footage from H!P's 2011 Winter Kangei Shinsen Matusri concert, the A-gana portion specifically.

Shin Mini Moni (sans LinLin) is made up of a girl from S/mileage, a girl who's now a submember of S/mileage, and a girl  who should have been in S/mileage

About a third of the way in, we have Shin Mini Moni performing Crazy About You.
With some regret, I realised that my favourite part of the song wouldn't be sung by Aichan. Then it hit me that I'd never hear her perform it live again.
And as I expected, Kanyon was nowhere as effective as Aichan doing her transistion into the final chorus.

Then we had High-King perform Gomattou's 'Shall We Love'. With High King, I expect to be impressed. And they didn't  disappoint this time either.
Aichan's vocals make up the vocal backbone of the unit. Time will tell if this'll impact the unit, though at worst it would pass off as a great dance unit even without their vocals.

So I guess I can finally admit that I'll miss Aichan. And all the best in all your future endeavours.
Now GTFO and let Airi take on the mantle of Queen of H!P. Time for the Kids to shine!