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100 questions to Sakura Gakuin's Kikuchi Moa 【Complete version】

In 2014, Kikuchi Moa was inaugurated as Student Council President of Sakura Gakuin, and Mizuno Yui was appointed to hold the newly-created position of Chairperson of Production。

 This summer, as BABYMETAL, they'll be having a worldwide tour, and also making appearances in festivals in and out of the country. In the August issue of Gekkan Entame,  we have compiled a feature entitled  Sakura Gakuin 「YuiMoa」 Great Research』, where we make a thorough analysis of these 2 extremely global people。

 Due to space limitations, the publication of 「100 questions to Mizuno Yui」 and 「100 questions to Kikuchi Moa」 was only partially published (For Mizuno Yui, only 41 from the 100 questions were published、 and only 35 from the 100 questions for Kikuchi Moa), so here we include the remainder, which allows us to unveil all of the questions to the public!

{Here's my translation of Yui's Q&A}

Kikuchi Moa / Middle school 3rd year.
Inaugurated as Student Council President for Sakura Gakuin this spring.
Recently, it's nothing but folding up a folding umbrella nicely.
100 questions to Kikuchi Moa

01. Dogs? Cats?
Um~m, I'm in two minds about it(><) I like both!

02. Favourite sushi topping?
Chuutoro、 salmon、 prawn avocado!

03. Favourite Sakura Gakuin song?
Can't go wrong with 『Yume ni Mukatte』, which was passed down to me from my first year! I love 『Marshmallow Iro no Kimi』 and 『Mikansei Silhouette』 too!

04. Something you're into lately?
The anime 『Love Live!』。 I'm also into the 『Love Live!』 game (School Fest)。

05. Favourite sport?
I love sports!  When I was small, I went for ballet, tennis, gymnastics, swimming。 Recently we had a mass rope-skipping tournament, so I staked my life on mass rope-skipping (laughs)!

06. Sport you're bad at?
Baseball (Since it's a sport I haven't done before)。

07. Favourite anime?
My current top 3 are…『Love Live!』、『Frozen』、『Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind』。

08. Where would you like to go?(Domestic)

09. Where would you like to go?(Abroad)
Australia! Koalas! Koalas O(-@-)O I want to hold a koala in my hands ♪

10. Favourite Idol?
℃-ute's Suzuki Airi-chan!

11. What sort of occupation would you like to try besides being an idol?
A pharmacist!  I'd like to try dispensing medicine (laughs)。 It's like magic (*^_^*)

12. Favourite colour?
I like all of them! But if I was forced to choose one, I guess white!?

13. If you were to be reborn, would you be male? Female?
Definitely as a girl!

14. What's something you often buy at convenience stores?
Things that are on promotion。 Ice cream。

15. What do you do when you're down in the dumps?
Tightly squeeze my plush dolls inside a hammock。 And eat something delicious!

16. Your weakness?
Being unable to sleep alone (It's scary to be alone (;゚ロ゚))。

17. Favourite onigiri filling?
Tuna mayonnaise~! I really like mayonnaise (laughs)!

18. What do you think you were in a previous life?
An alien。

19. Favourite foreign artist?
I don't really listen to foreign music、 so I'd like to listen to more of it and study it up from now on。

20. Are you popular?
I'm popular with the girls (*^_^*)(laughs)。

21. What's your most attractive feature?
My big, round, black eyes and my dimples。

22. Favourite TV programme?
『Love Live!』 2nd season。

23. Favourite season?
The summer, when Moa was born ♪  The summer, with its long holiday ♪

24. Favourite event?
TIF、 Gakuin Festivals。 Going camping & having a barbecue with family!

25. Favourite saying?
『What's for dinnerー?』、『I'm hungryー』。

26. Your strong point?
Positive thinking。 Keeping my promises and time。 Treasuring my friends。

27. Your weak points?
Quick to cry。 Unable to sleep alone。 Being bad at waking up and not getting up。

28. What's a non-negotiable obsession you have?
Having plenty of vegetables every time I have a meal。

29. The first thing you do upon waking up?
Brush my teeth for the 1st time。

30. Are you sensitive to the cold? Sensitive to the heat?
I'm sensitive to the cold in winter、 and sensitive to the heat in summer。

31. What's your shoe size?
It's 22.5㎝、 but I'm wearing 23㎝ shoes。

32. Favourite hairstyle?
Twintails with loose, fluffy curls。 Otherwise, straight hair with nothing done to it。 I'd like to try doing a bob cut!!

33. What clothes have you bought recently?
T-shirts and a comfortable dress。

34. School subject you're best at?
Japanese、 music、 physical education ♪

35. Favourite movie?
『Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica』、『Charlie and the Chocolate Factory』。

36. What would you do if you had 600 million yen?
First I'd go on a trip around the world with my family ♪ Build a house in Tokyo。 I'd donate the remaining 300 million yen。

37. How much time do you spend in the bath?
20 minutes normally! If I'm chatting with Hana on the phone while in the bath, it can go to about an hour。

38. How long does it take to dry your hair?
Since my Papa dries it for me, I don't really pay attention to it。 Apologies for being like that, despite me being in my 3rd year of middle school!

39. Can you sum up your personality in one word?

40. What's something that made you happy recently?
When I got back from a school field trip, both my parents commented that 「Somehow you've become biggerー♪」。

41. What's something that made you sad recently?
I bought a different flavour of yatsuhashi as a souvenir from a school field trip、 and Mama criticised me for having 『Poor taste』……。

42. What's something that made you angry recently?
I had so much homework, I did them in a rage。

43. Favourite sweets?  
I love sweets!  Currently I'm into 「Love Live!Wafers」。

44. Have you ever received any awards?
The first award I ever got was in kindergarten、 I was awarded the 「Prize for eating a lot」。

45. Favourite drink?
Tomato juice、 vegetable juice、 delicious aojiru

46. People you respect?
Mama!!  Kosaka Honoka-chan! Tojo Nozomi-chan! Fuwa Aika-chan!

47. At what age would you like to get married?
28 years old!

48. Is there a person、 thing、 place that scares you no matter what?
It's scary when I'm washing my hair。 I can't deal with the darkness。

49. The most difficult kanji that you know of?
Rose thorns (薔薇の棘)。

50. Something you want to accomplish before you die?
I'd like to give out love in some sort of form。 Eating my Mama's home cooking is something I'd die for!

51. What do you think of the world in its present state?
There's not enough love!  Even though it would be great if the world was more interlinked。 It would be amazing if Moa had the opportunity to bring it all together (*^_^*)

52. What are your specialities dishes?
Curry rice、 hamburg steak、 potato salad!

53. What would you do if you could use magic?
Summon Doraemon ♪

54. A group you'd like to have a showdown with?
℃-ute-san! Just because I want to meet them!

55. What time do you go to sleep?
I want to sleep at 9 pm! I immediately go to sleep when there's nothing to do。

56. What time do you wake up?
7:40 am on days when I've got school! On holidays, an hour before I have to leave home。

57. Favourite novel?
Ojamajo Doremi』 novels。 My favourite is the version where Doremi-chan and friends turn into adults in the anime。

58. Favourite great figure?
These make up part of Sakura Gakuin's school regulations、「What you use is your heart」 Mother Teresa、 and 「Properly deliver your love」Helen Keller。

59. Favourite military commander?
Oda Nobunaga。 We're both from Aichi (^_^)v

60. Which country do you expect to win the World Cup?
Brazil! Japan!cha-cha-cha! Japan will be in the top 4!

61. Favourite metropolitan train line?
The Ginza line (Since it's open)。

62. Favourite theme park attraction?
I'm scared of it, but I'd like to ride a roller coaster。

63. Magazine you often read?
『Lis Ani』。 It's an idol magazine where Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL appear。

64. Anime character that you think is cool?
NausicaäTakigawa YoshinoFuwa MahiroKusaribe HakaseFuwa AikaYarizakura HimeHiizumi AkinaLeviMikasa

65. The most embarrassing incident you've had up to now?
I thought that Matsuko Deluxe-san was a woman that was constantly in pregnancy、 and would never give birth to a baby、 so when I told my friend 「She's never going to give birth。」 I got laughed at。

66. How do you spend a one day holiday?
Get my fill of sleep until lunch, and once my battery's recharged, go out with my girlfriends ♪

67. How do you release stress?
Talk with Mama。Going on a trip with family and eating delicious things。

68. Favourite part of yakiniku?
Meat's my favourite food (*^_^*) Salted tongue、 special roast。

69. What animal would you liken Taguchi Hana to?

70. What animal would you liken Isono Rinon to

71. What animal would you liken Notsu Yunano to

72. What animal would you liken Ooga Saki to

73. What animal would you liken Shirai Saki to

74. What animal would you liken Yamaide Aiko to
Baby monkey。

75. What animal would you liken Kurashima Sara to
White alpaca。

76. What animal would you liken Okada Megumi to

77. Would you like to borrow this space to apologise for something?
Previously、 I was talking about Mama telling me about the song 『MORE』 by Earthshaker-san on the radio、 and was asked if it happened to be connected to my name 、 so I freely answered 「That might be the case」。Even though it had nothing to do with how Moa was named, I apologise for freely answering like that!

78. How many seconds does it take you to run 50m?
Exactly 8 seconds in my 3rd year of middle school!

79. The world is ending、 what would you like to eat?
Mama's home cooking! Currently Mama's stew dishes are my favourite♪

80. Favourite comedian?
Zakiyamaー!(Yamazaki Hironari-san

81. What do both your parents most often praise you for?
You ate a lotー That's how they praise me (laughs)

82. Female celebrity you look up to?
Shibasaki Kou-san。

83. Male celebrity you look up to?
Lupin III from The Castle of Cagliostro

84. Which would you want to visit、 200 years in the past or 200 years in the future
200 years in the future! Since how the future will develop from now on has me more excited than the past!

85. Being able to speak with animals、 or understanding languages of the world、 which ability would you want?
Since I'd like to make my own efforts to understand the languages of the world、 I'd go for the ability to speak with animals!

86. Favourite character?
μ's member、 Hiyoko、 a character that loosely changes。

87. Headphones? Or earphones?
Headphones! However、 Papa has allowed me to use earphones because my ears have become mature、 so recently I'm moving towards earphones!

88. What would you wish for if it would come true?
I'd go for world peace, a world without war, poverty, or discrimination。

89. Something you bought that made you say 「This was a mistakeー」?
I regret buying a pendant from 『Attack on Titan』's Investigation Corps when I went to Kyoto for my school's field trip。 It doesn't really suit or go with Moa's clothes、 and it would've been all right even if it hadn't been bought in Kyoto……。

90. An alien appears in front of you、 what do you do?
I'd try talking to it「Nice to meet you」 and make friends with it (^^)。 But、 if it's a scary alien, I'll run away as fast as I can。

91. What is your favourite saying?
I'd like to become the reason for someone's smile。

92. Have you seen ghosts before?
Never! Never! I don't want to see any! I'll cry if I see them!

93. What sort of person would other people describe you as?
Likes fun things and delicious stuff、 and although she's a pervert who touches girls' butts and legs、 she's unexpectedly serious when it comes to being punctual and keeping promises、 a girl with many faces who's unreadable…… That's what they'd say。

94. Are you methodical? Or imprecise?
I'm methodical at weird things。 I've been warned by Mama for doing lots of things roughly。

95. What was the first CD you bought?
The first one that I saved my pocket money for and purchased was Tsukushima Kirari (Kusumi Koharu-chan)'s 『Chance!』。

96. What sort of people do you easily get along with?
As making friends is my strength、 generally anyone who can immediately become my friend。

97. What sort of people are you bad with?
People who put on a pleasant face in front of others, but badmouth them behind their backs。

98. Is there anything that's troubling you recently?
How to convey my thoughts and my love towards Sakura。 High school exams。

99. What's your greatest treasure?
The members、 Papa & Mama、 my friends、 all of the fans (Everyone who is (or was) connected to Moa)。

100. Please give a statement to Mizuno-san。
The dreams of the both of us may be different、 but now we're moving forward on this path together。 Let's deal with the things right in front of our eyes one by one, which we'll certainly make into ours、 and let's spread our wings and fly to the heavens。 Yui、 from now on too, I'm begging for your kindness。

Student Council President Kikuchi Moa (left) and
Chairperson of Production Mizuno Yui (right)

{Here's my translation of Yui's Q&A}

Source: Gekkan Entame

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