Monday, 21 July 2014

Kashiyuka praising Sayashi

10 year old Sayashi pointed out by the red arrow

Recently Natalie, a Japanese news entertainment site, set up a Q&A with Perfume where fans could tweet their questions. I'd like to bring your attention to question 17.

Q17. Over the past few years, your juniors from your alma mater, Actors School Hiroshima, have started popping up at all sorts of places. Have you ever appeared together with any of those girls, and how do you interact with them? #ナタリーPerfume質問企画 #prfm

We hardly ever do、 however I recently went to see MoMusu。(Morning Musume。'14)-san's live performance。 Sayashi-chan、 she looked great。

Probably the other prolific Actors School Hiroshima alumnus that idol fans would be familiar with would be ex-Sakura Gakuin member Nakamoto Suzuka, perhaps more familiar as SU-METAL of BABYMETAL fame.

Source: Natalie via 2ch

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