Thursday, 3 July 2014

“Foster parent” cheoreographer Natsu Mayumi talks about Goto Maki's ability 「No.1 in MoMusu。、AKB」

Natsu Mayumi talking about
her thoughts on Goto Maki
Recently, dance producer Natsu Mayumi-shi released her first business book, 'What does an ace do?' (Sunmark Publishing). In the case of Morning Musume. and AKB48, Natsu-shi  played a part of their formation, and was a familiar face to the girls, their 'foster parent'. When asked, amongst the girls she had taken care of so far, which idol was number one in talent, she clearly explained, 'That would be Goto Maki (clearly). If you're talking within Morning Musume. and AKB48, she was number one in the sense of overwhelming talent'.

Goto had been taking a rest from activities since December 2011, but she made a live appearance on 'TV Tokyo Ongakusai (Hatsu)' (TV Tokyo) broadcast on the 26th of this month, and after about 2 years and 8 months, she would earnestly be resuming her entertainment activities. Not having appeared on television for a while, her body covered in a gold 'midriff-baring' outfit, Goto made an appearance with the MoMusu. OG and took up the role of centre position, singing their big hits 'LOVE Machine' and 'Renai Revolution 21'.

Her unchanging beauty, her sharp dance performance, her singing ability that was unreliant on lip-synching; it didn't feel as if she had gone on a break at all, and after the performance there were many people on the Internet showering her with praise. Natsu-shi, who was in charge of the choreography for 'LOVE Machine' and a judge for the 3rd generation member audition in which Goto was admitted, reflected on that time, 'At any rate, a single person towered over the rest during the audition. In her case, you couldn't even call her an "unpolished gemstone"'.

Moreover, Natsu-shi bluntly revealed that Goto clearly had the 'gift of natural talent' as an idol. 'Of course her appearance wasn't of someone in their mid-teens, but she had hunger, mental fortitude, and concentrated until the very end, she'd definitely would be successful! All the members that joined later had to memorise all of the songs in a short period of time, but Goto memorised them immediately,' she said, astonished.

Goto seized the centre position in MoMusu.'s greatest hit song 'LOVE Machine', and was someone who literally led the group, but with her brother being arrested under suspicion of robbery, transferring of agencies, the passing of her mother; all sorts of hardships descended upon her. Natsu-shi, being able to observe Goto from close-by, said 'Thinking about her, it was so sad that you could cry. Since there were so many things that were troublesome from both the work aspect and her private life... I think that she herself has a lot of painful memories. I didn't want to see her talent wither away because of that. But I'm really happy that she's now made a full-blown comeback.'

While she can be proud about her long career, making her début in 1999, she's still 28. From Goto Maki, who has matured into an adult through her various experiences, we expect that she'll show us her rare talents in the future.


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