Friday, 4 July 2014

The Tsugunaga Constitution: Article 63 - 80 (7 articles)

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63条 砂糖と塩を、ちゃんと確認してから料理すること
Article 63: Be sure to confirm which is salt and which is sugar before proceeding to cook

66条 電車の”つりかわ”は、なにがなんでもつかまる!!
Article 66: Hold on to the train strap by whatever means you have!!

67条 おすしのタマゴは、たまごとしゃり別々に食べる
Article 67: For sushi with eggs, eat the egg and the rice separately

71条 目覚まし時計は1分おきに5回以上鳴らすように設定すること
Article 71: Set your alarm clock to repeat every minute for at least 5 times

73条 バースデーソングを歌う時は、「Dear」の後、なんて呼ぶかをあらかじめ決めておく
Article 73: When singing the birthday song, decide beforehand the name that should be called out after the 'Dear~' is sung

78条 「ここまでお湯を入れる」という表示よりも、少なくお湯を入れる
Article 78: Instead of following the instruction to "Pour hot water up to here", put in just a bit of hot water

80条 リップクリームは、まるく使う
Article 80 : Apply lip balm in circles

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