Sunday, 20 July 2014

Idol's Guide to Surviving Tests

{Let's see how an idol copes with tests, courtesy of's Pinky!, Fujisaki Ayane}

Day 1 of tests

Pinky-san on the 1st day of tests


HP has gone down by 3。
Remaining HP:7

There's tests tomorrow too!


Day 2 of tests

Pinky-san on day 2 of tests。


HP has gone down by 2。
Level has gone down by 4。
Hero's sword was stolen。

Current status
Weapon: Tree branch

Tomorrow will be the conclusion of the tests。
In this condition, can she defeat the demon king that is the tests, and survive…。

To be continued tomorrow。


Day 3 of tests. The final day

Speaking of Pinky on the 3rd day of tests


HP has gone down by 4。
Level has increased by 2。
Tree branch has broke。

Current status
Weapon: Nothing in hand

Survived it with only 1 HP remaining…!
Who cares about the tree branch breaking!
The tests are done witthhhhhh!!!

I'm scared of getting back my results……

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