Sunday, 27 July 2014

H!P Summer 2014 KOREZO: Share it if you like it (Part I - 12, 19 & 26 July)

For the KOREZO! performances held during the current Hello! Con (Summer 2014), there's a corner where the girls can highlight photos taken during the tour. A  Facebook page has been set up, entitled 'Hello! Pro Ki ni Ittara Share'. (H!P Share it if you like it).

Here's a selection of what piqued my interest. As the page says, if you like any of these photos, then 'Like' and 'Share' them on Facebook. Links are in the first line below the photo, the post titles.

【KOREZO! Okai-chanNeru!?】
Photograph from ℃-ute Nakajima Saki
Backstage at Nakano Sunplaza、 there's a sofa that can fit 2 people、 and that's become the place where Okai Chisato always takes a nap。
Once、 when Okai was intending to take nap、 it just so happened that Hagiwara was already sleeping there、 and this photo shows the conduct of Okai, who wanted to sleep no matter what。
At the table where they normally fix up their make up、 she messily swept out the stuff that was on it、 and after making some space、 she just slept like that。
By the way、 the light bulb just above her stomach gets so hot to the extent that touching it will give you burns、 so it's a pretty thrill-seeking sleeping form。 It might help out for dieting・・・ but everyone, please do not copy this!!

【KOREZO!A miracle shot】
Photograph from Morning Musume。’14 Ishida Ayumi
It seems that even for Morning Musume。’14's leader Michishige Sayumi-san、 she has only 1 weakness。
And that is her 「sleeping face」、 for even the Michishige-san who always boasts that she's cute、
Her sleeping face is the only thing that she doesn't want others to see、 it's something that's hardly ever captured on the face of this planet。
By the way、 this valuable photo is the sole picture that has got the OK from the subject herself 。 It wouldn't be an overstatement to call this 1 picture a miracle
It definitely is a photo。 This is a must 「share」!!

Photograph from Berryz Kobo Shimizu Saki
For Berryz Kobo's fan club tour、they went to Hawaii、 and encountered an angel playing with her father at the park。
She asked to take a photo together。 With excessive cuteness、 when she put her hands to her face、 this photo shows the extremely cute act of mimicry。 Doesn't it heal you heart from the exhaustion of daily life?

【KOREZO! Revolution!】
Photograph from Morning Musume。’14 Sayashi Riho
This photo is of her current obsession 「Sushi made from gummies」、 which had been given to her as a present from fellow member Fukumura Mizuki。 Originally、 she was interested in making food samples、 but when she found how easy it was to make herself and the be able to eat them、 it seems that she herself had a revolution。 Currently、 it seems that her mother is more into it than the person herself。

【KOREZO! Carrot bath】
Photograph from ℃-ute Suzuki Airi
When she went shopping together with her mother、 this was 1 of the photos taken when they discovered it at
A food sample store。 The carrots were submerged in a bath of curry ・ beef stew ・ cream stew
A sexy? photograph。
Although it immediately makes you think 「How cute!」、 the not-so-cute price was a shocker。
Seeing this sample in a shop's display will make you unintentionally order it。

【KOREZO!Punishment Game】
Photograph from Juice=Juice Takagi Sayuki
When they were doing 「Whack-and-cover Jankenpon」 at an event、 this was 1 of the shots taken when they were practising backstage。
The photo is of Miyamoto Karin、 and you can't see it because her face is turned downwards、 but actually her whole face is in a smile。
It seems that Miyamoto-san was heard to say that 「I'm happy to get struck by Kanazawa Tomoko-chan 」。

Photograph from Berryz Kobo Tokuanga Chinami
The 1st one is a shot of the lady who just happened to sit next to her on the train when they were heading to New York、 and made friends with her (※ Tokunaga is on the right)、 and the 2nd、 is of a person from Kenya who became her friend when she was feeding the deer at Nara Park (※Tokunaga is on the left)。 When the person herself was asked、 she said 'I have friends all around the world、 that's it (korezo)! It's worldwide!'、 but she doesn't even know the names of these 2 people。
It would be great if they would see this on Facebook。


  1. These were real interesting! Thanks!

  2. Glad to see Chisa's ustream show okaichannel is back :P
    Oh and I've seen a Youtube vid of those gummy sushi being made. Looks intriguing, kinda wanna try it for myself.