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Tsunku♂'s comments on 『Otona na no yo!/ 1oku 3zen man sou diet Oukoku』

「Otona na no yo!」

He comments on how Risako, from the lower years of primary school, and the rest of Berryz that he still thought of as children have already grown up.
Those girls are surely 「Otona na no yo!」 {trans: [We're] adults!}
It's a dance-like track which allows for a sexy performance. He mentions that the backing track has a strengthened beat in a minor scale, and that there are many parts where the bass line plays around stylishly and finishes rhythmically.

「1oku 3zenman sou Diet Oukoku」

He talks about the global obsession with losing weight. Yet people still look for reasons to not diet. The theme of the song is about just that.

He says you could call it transformative EDM (note: The term he uses is 'hentai EDM', which amuses this translator). He directed this song with the feeling of 'stuck in a loop of not saying anything'. We all have our likes and disklikes, and he thinks that's good. And that's the kind of thrilling song it is. 
Berryz工房の醍醐味だと思います。I think it's the epitome of Berryz Kobo
He then comments on the girls individually.

Shimizu: Not just looks-wise、 I think mentally she's also an adult。
It feels like she looks over the members warmly。
From here on、 without restraints、 without tying down Captain
I want her to express herself in an exaggerated way。
At times she seems to act spoilt as if she were the youngest、 she should feel even freer to do so!
Tsugunaga: I think that there are a lot of times when her schedule is hard in a Momochi-like way、
But I think she worked hard last year without taking many breaks。
This year it doesn't look like the 「Momochi」 character will be given up、
Moreover, I'd like her to intensify as an irritating kid。
Actually she's become a good woman in terms of her age、
And I think it might be good if good woman 「Momochi」 makes appearances at times。
(Note: The previous two were direct translations of Tsunku♂'s comments, most of the rest will be summaries. Apologies for such inconsistency)

Chinami: She's cheerful with short hair. She looks better as a woman rather than as a child, or a boy. The theme for her this year is 'tightening up'. 
If we have the flexibility I'd want to have her build her physical strength once more。

Maasa: She's the kind of girl who can stir up a roar of laughter when she's around, as if some god of laughter had descended. But there are times where she doesn't seem motivated. He comments that she gets a smug smile, different to her usual smile, when she gets something she wants. He think that she'll become more individualistic if she laughs defiantly.

Miya: He thinks of her as shy, despite being called scary or a gyaru within H!P. But he doesn't think she'll change for the sake of changing her perspective. He says that her singing has become more stoic [sic] and cooler.

Kumaicho: He talks about the fact that her voice is unique. I'm not really catching the rest of what he's saying, so apologies to Yurina fans.

Risako: (Note: This is another direct translation)
Sugaya: I definitely think she's become an adult。
She's a girl who really  sticks to her guns when it comes to things like hair colour or eyelashes。
I think it's good to let her freely and gradually create her own expression during positive and free times。
But、 at times she takes in 100% of someone's advice
And makes a complete 180 degree change。
I wonder when those times are・・・


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