Thursday, 27 February 2014

The things that were lost

[Note: Above video was cut to focus on Miya's part. To hear it starting from Momo's part, you can listen here (Sorry, embedding disabled)]

From Trattoria Buono! 16/11/2013

Topic: Up until now, tell us about something you lost that gave you the biggest shock.

For Momo, it was when she had lost her commuter pass.
Realising that she didn't have it, she asked at the station office to check whether it had been used.
When the station looked up the name 'Tsugunaga Momoko', it turned out that there were 20 passes registered under that name. (FYI, Tsugunaga is a pretty rare family name. The unfamiliarity of the 'Tsugu' kanji itself had Momo asking in for suggestions on tips for how to write it in a radio show ages ago. Thankfully 'Momochi' is extremely straightforward).
She suspected that those were made by fans. But the station staff was like, "Did you really lose it?", giving a 'r u srs' stare of disbelief.
Momo> Wait a second, station staff-san. I have a pass, for myself. I'm not making up excuses, but I'm the real thing
And that was the story of Momo's difficulty when she lost her pass.

Miya also lost her commuter pass twice. The first time was pretty embarrassing, while the second time gave her a shock.
The first time was 5 years ago. Momo happened to be with her since they both happened to be heading back in the same direction.
They were looking for Miya's misplaced commuter pass.
When the station staff asked for her name, Miya was all bashful in answering.
It made Momo wonder, since normally saying one's name wouldn't be a problem.
But Miya was having difficulty, and finally stammered out... "It's Na, Na, Nachu-hime" XD
Miya> Like, OMG, right! It was super embarrassing
She had chosen that as it was her nickname at her time, and everyone around was calling her that, so she felt that it was normal when she made her commuter pass. However, it was pretty embarrassing to say it to the station staff.

What's more, the staff was a meanie.
When Miya squeaked out "Na, Nachu-hime" the first time, the staff asked her to repeat it with an, "Eh?"
Miya said it again, louder, but the staff went, "Come again?"
Once Miya had said it again, the staff grinned and told her with a grin that it was on the bench
Station Staff-san> Please take care (in a sarcastic tone, according to Miya)

To avoid being embarrassed like that again, she now writes 'Natsuyaki Miyabi' in the English alphabet.
The situation was super funny to Momo, who was there.

The second situation involved her losing her commuter pass with about 10 000 yen with it. I couldn't get the rest of the conversation, so I'll leave it at that.

After that Airi talked about meeting a fan when she dropped her lip gloss, which I previously covered here.

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