Thursday, 6 February 2014

Call her Momochi!

From Trattoria Buono! 01/02/2014

Momochi: Nicknames are difficult. Even with the Momochi nickname there are people who still call me Momoko, my real name. I want everyone to be united in calling me Momochi.
Miya: Perhaps the fans who call you Momoko are thinking of you as being their girlfriend.
Momochi: Don't need that, don't need that, that sort of mentality isn't needed
Miyabi: Those who see you as an idol will refer to you as Momochi, but those who think of you as a normal girl will call you Momoko
Momochi: That's not needed. It's not that I don't welcome such feelings, and it's not like I'm denying that feeling of 'my Momochi'
Momochi: But if you love Momochi, then you should want to refer to me as Momochi
Miyabi: It might be that the people who call you Momoko think that there are a lot of people who call you Momochi. So they want to refer to you as Momoko, because they think that they'll be the only ones doing that
Momochi: That kind of special feeling isn't need, it's not needed.
Miya: Isn't that right, Airi~n
Momochi: Ah, is sensei there?
Airi-sensei: I'm not Airi~n, call me 'sensei'. What are you saying?
Miya: Well, recently I've become good friends with sensei
Airi-sensei: That's true - we've kinda like become Airi~n and Miya
Momochi: Is that right? It's like all sorts of things have changed since we entered 2014

Airi continues on to talk about 'Zukki', the nickname she used to have until Suzuki Kanon joined the company. See this 910 percent translation for more details.

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