Monday, 24 February 2014

Facing forward and taking it easy

One H!P-related Twitter bot I follow is @Momo_29_bot. It tweets out one piece of 'wisdom' from Momochi every hour.

So here's a recent tweet. I've seen it before, but thought I'd share:
Buono!の『Take It Easy!』のPVで、桃が夕陽に向かって叫んでる言葉は「前向きだー」です。桃も忘れてしまっていて、スタッフさんも誰も覚えてなかったのですが、最終的に、マネージャーさんが、大人の力で問い合わせてくれました。
In Buono!'s 'Take It Easy!' PV, Momoko faced the setting sun and shouted out the following words "Face forward-" (Mae Muki da-). Momoko had forgotten what she had said, and none of the staff-san knew either, so in the end, their Manager-san enquired using his authority as an adult.

Now you know. So you can take it easy too~

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