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Berryz Kobo x ℃-ute Cross Talk: Yajima Maimi x Natsuyaki Miyabi

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hello! Project Kids in 2012, a book entitled Rival - 12 shoujo no 10-nen monogatari - (The 10-year legend of the 12 girls) was released. The book contains 2-page discussions between various pairings of the girls, covering all 66 possible combinations. In the process of reading this book, I'll be putting up some highlights as I read through the interviews.

Special Crosstalk Book "RIVAL 12 shoujyo no 10 nen monogatari (10 years stories of 12 girls)" / Berrz Kobo / Cute

Yajima Maimi X Natsuyaki Miyabi

Looking at the two of you, you're like 'stillness and motion', you seem to have really contrasting images.

Natsuyaki: Is that so? Admittedly, Maimi and I are completely different types. While we've worked together at concerts, we've never really had deep conversations with one another.

Yajima: The thing I really remember is that there was a point when Miya cried, when we got to be backdancers at the Kouhaku (31/12/2007 broadcast of the '58th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen').

Natsuyaki: Eh, really!?

Yajima: You don't remember? I was the oldest at the time, and at the rehearsal, I cautioned you.

Natsuyaki: Eh- I don't have any recollection of being told off by Maimi. But at the time, the older girls certainly had to say a lot of things to the younger girls.

Yajima: That's right. But I was startled, as I never would have thought that Miya would cry.

Natsuyaki: I was a girl that cried when something frustrated me, so it's possible, though I don't remember it at all.

So you actually had that sort of relationship...... In that sense, the 2 of you have a connection between one another (laughs).

Yajima: No no no (laughs). While I'm older, I really respect Miya. I think that Miya is really good at presenting herself, and there are always a lot of things that I learn from her.

Natsuyaki: Ah, so can I ask you some things? There are so many things about Maimi that remain a mystery to me, like for example, what do you do on your days off?

Yajima: I don't really leave home, I'm the type to relax on my days off. So I'll play the piano at home, and do some writing. It takes quite some time to do the writing for promotional goods, so it always piles up, and so I do them all in one go when I have a rest day (laughs)! You could say that I'm a worry wart.

Natsuyaki: I'm the complete opposite! I go out on almost all my days off, and I'll definitely go for karaoke if I've got a day off, even if I'd just performed at a concert the day before! That's how much I like to go and hang out.

Yajima: I think that is something that's important. The outdoors give you motivation.

Natsuyaki: Hanging out is fun, but I like to observe people as well, so I really check out things like the clothes of people who are walking past. I get really interested in their fashion or hairstyle, and I stare so much that my friends who are with me will say 'Hey, you're staring too much' (laughs).

Yajima: And that's why you're good at presenting yourself. I think that I should study like that, but I'm really bad with crowds (laughs). I have to move forward.

Natsuyaki: I just plunge forward. Even on rainy days, even if I have to bump umbrellas, I'll still make sure to go out (laughs). But Maimi, since you do what you want to do at quiet places, I think you have this calming air to you. For me, when I'm at home, I'll turn up the music and listen to it, going with the flow. But I feel that Maimi would quietly listen to a CD of the murmuring of a stream.

Yajima: That's the image you have of me, huh (laughs)? But that's true, I really do love nature.

Natsuyaki: We spend our time in our own ways, but that's what we both enjoy, it calms us down.

Yajima: That's right. But now that we've got to talking, it's reminded me of how much Miya possesses things that I don't have, which is truly cool. I think that you're someone whom girls look up to.

Miyabi-chan, you definitely do have a lot of female fans, don't you?

Natsuyaki: I think they've increased in number. Because, when I have solo events, more than half will be girls. There are all types of girls, girls who like the idol Miya, girls who like my fashion and make-up, girls who like my singing, it's really all over the place.

Yajima: Those are all the things that Miya has. You have your singing prowess, your fashion sense, your cuteness as an idol. I feel that you're perfect. That you've got no weak points. It's like you've got a high score on everything,

Natsuyaki: Wow, that makes me really happy! But Maimi, you have this ladyishness that Miya doesn't have, you have this gentleness. You're really kind, even towards the fans. and the way you talk at handshake events is really gentle. [...] You're really girlish, like 'It really is like that, right ♥'. I'll say things like 'Seriously!?' or 'You're here again?', which would make the members ask if some friends of mine had come along, and I'd be like 'Nope, they're girls that I don't know' (laughs). There are times when that friendly atmosphere happens, but it's wonderful how Maimi's a girl who can be considerate to others. There are lots of things that Maimi possess that Miya doesn't, things that I'd like to learn from watching you.


'Hard worker' Maimi-chan and 'Prodigy' Miyabi-chan. The more I listen to you, the more contrary you both seem. Are your tastes in men different as well?

Yajima: I feel that someone really fashionable would suit Miya. But I think that she'd coordinate her boyfriend's clothes.

Natsuyaki: While personality is important, I definitely do want someone who pays heed to fashion. But if their fashion makes me go 'Eh?', Miya would sort out their whole outfit for them (laughs). Personally, I'd prefer someone older. Rather than having things being settled for them, they'd take the lead. I feel like for Maimi, you'd be able to go along with anyone, whether they're older or younger.

Yajima: I probably won't mind it. If I like them, difference in age doesn't matter.

Even their fashion sense?

Yajima: I'm ignorant about fashion myself (laughs). More than that, it would be nice if they were a person who was working hard at something, someone who has something about them that I can respect.

Natsuyaki: Taking a proper look into their substance, right?

Sounds like Miyabi-chan doesn't look at the substance (laughs).

Natsuyaki: Eh! I do look at it! Substance is important, definitely (laughs).


After 10 years, what sort of life do you want the other to walk down on?

Yajima: Miya's really fashionable, so I feel like she'll set up her own brand. And her store would generally be quite the talk of the town.

Natsuyaki: I'd like to make my own brand. It's a dream of mine, honestly. Maimi will always be an idol, that's what I feel.

Yajima: Eh, I won't stop being one (laughs)?

Natsuyaki: I really like the idol Maimi, and there's a lot of things that I think are cute about you, so it's a wish of mine that you'll continue on the idol path though (laughs). But I feel like you won't change, no matter how old you get, so rather than running a store, I feel like you'd always continue on what you're doing now.

Yajima: That is true, a store would be impossible. I can't become a CEO (laughs).

Natsuyaki: I feel that Maimi as a CEO would be hesitant towards her staff (laughs). If it was me, I'd be like 'Okay, do this!'

Yajima: Looks like you'd be good at that (laughs). But 10 years in the future, I think that my strength will still be fine even when I turn 30, and I really do enjoy performing live, so I'd really like to do that.

Natsuyaki: Yup, it really feels like you'd do it.

Yajima: But it's a bit sad to perform live by myself, so I'd really want to have the members around. I'd like it if all of us maintained our strength for 10 years, and all perform together.

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