Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mano Erina Photobook 'Zero' Press Conference

On the 31st of August 2014, Mano Erina held a press conference, along with a handshake event, in commemoration of her latest photobook 'Zero'.

The theme of the photobook is 'The two Erinas.' One Mano is a girl living in the countryside, experiencing the comfort of the dearly-missed traditional lifestyle. While the other is a brave girl, working hard in order to find happiness in the city.

On releasing a photobook
'That's right. First, it's been a year and a half since I've graduated from Hello! Project, but I'm happy to release a photo book even after I've graduated. We took photos in Yamaguchi and Tokyo for this one. My previous photo book was in Hawaii, so I enjoyed myself there just after graduating from Hello! Project. Now that I'm working hard at acting, there are a lot of photos where I'm putting in a bit of acting, and personally, it's ended up with a more mature atmosphere. Even I myself had no idea when I learnt how to make such expressions.'

On any incidents of note that occured during the photo shoot
'It was the first time I've been to Yamaguchi prefecture, but the weather wasn't really that great...' (It was revealed that there was heavy downpour during the photo shoot, proving that she was unable to graduate from being an Ame onna)
'But it was pretty relaxing. Facing the sea, I'd turn around, and see the mountains. I was in the midst of an abundance of nature.'

On the title of her book 'ZERO' not continuing the trend of photobook titles starting with 'Mano'
'We didn't really think about it when doing the photo shoot, but looking back at the photos after they were taken, it's like I was making a fresh new start with this book, going back to the origin. So it ended up as "ZERO".'

On how many marks she'd give the photo book
'Eh? How many marks would I give it? It's a different type of photo book than my previous ones, so on the other hand, what I'm more interested in is what everyone else's responses will be to this photo book.' (She gets pressed again) 'About 73 points. I'm already 23, so I'd like to pursue a slightly more mature air.'

On her travelling alone to London
'My father was against it. He told me to go with my mother. I watched musicals and took photos of the city.'

Did the gents from London not hit on you?
'When I was having breakfast at the hotel, this bearded gentlemen told me that yoghurt would be good for me. I guess I may have appeared to be pretty young. I think he meant that it'd help me grow up. I wasn't being hit on.'

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