Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Berryz' closing statements from their 2014 Budokan Live

Sugaya Risako
Continuing on from yesterday, this is the 2nd day in a row for us to appear at the Budokan, and yet, I was really nervous. Compared to when we were last at the Budokan, on the 29th of November last year, haven't I managed to retain my composure?
Even though I'm not that great at dancing, when it comes to singing, I enjoyed the feeling of performing with everyone again and again throughout the day.
Next year in April, Berryz Kobo will enter an indefinite hiatus (Note: The April reference was a slip-up on Risako's part, it should be 'spring'. Of course, the other members rib at her for it), we're all putting our strengths together and doing our best, so we beg for your kindness.

Kumai Yurina
We first stood here at the Budokan about 10 months ago, and I was so excited that I slipped from the stairs over there and got injured. The injury still remains. Standing on this stage of dreams, it's still a surprise to me that we're standing here again so soon, while I've still got that injury, so I'm happy! I'm also getting a bit on in years, as it's taking its time to heal (laughs).
When we were doing 'Rival' at this concert, I was in the best position to take a view of the whole venue. That view was truly amazing, it brought me joy from the bottom of my heart. It's a wonderful memory that'll last a lifetime... (She fumbles her words at the end)

Natsuyaki Miyabi
Did you have fun? Do you love Berryz Kobo? Do you love Miya?
Miya loves all of you too! I'm really happy that Berryz got to hold a concert at the Budokan for a second time, and it's a joy for Miya to see the sight of such a great number of people gathered here.
Berryz is headlining today's event, but we were together with ℃-ute yesterday, and Morning Musume. and the Kenshuusei also made appearances, so I think that this has been a really special Budokan Live.
I'm sure that there are a lot of people that live far away who can't meet Berryz Kobo. I think it's really amazing how everyone's gathered together like this at the same place, and I don't think it's all the people who are here are the same people as last year. And so, I think that this moment is a precious one, and I don't think any of you want to forget it. Atop this wonderful stage, I'd like to do 'that'... So that you won't forget this pleasant feeling!
(With that, she fires a Miyabeam~)

Sudo Maasa
I don't really take photos with my mobile phone camera, but when we got to perform at the Nippon Budokan last year, I was taking snaps of the stage from above, behind the bleachers. At the time, at the start, I did think somewhere in my heart that this would be the end,  but that we are able to stand at this wonderful place today for the second year in a row is thanks to all of you.
And another thing, honestly, letting us have this dream, and letting us see the spectacle of this wonderful place again, it's become a great memory. But what makes me happiest is to see the smiles of enjoyment on all of your faces, that is what I enjoy the most.
Everyone, after this, it would be best if you were smiling on the way home, bathed in the memories. With what's left of the concert, don't go too wild, make sure to keep some energy to get back home, and please enjoy it until the very end!

Tokunaga Chinami
Before we started I was so nervous, I was so so nervous that I didn't want to go home, but once it started, everything passed by in a flash, and it made me want to stand on this stage even more... I'd like to be here for about another 6 hours... However, we don't have the strength to do that.
We got to appear in the opening and concluding concerts for two days as BeriKyuu, but in the spring of next year, Berryz Kobo will enter an indefinite hiatus, and we can slowly start counting the number of times remaining where we can stand together with our comrades for 13 years, ℃-ute, and that makes me a little sad. But I was really happy with the time we spent on-stage today with ℃-ute, and I really enjoyed when we were having a blast with everyone, this really was a great concert! I'd love to enjoy what time we have left to the fullest, so I'm begging for everyone's kindness!

{Quick aside: After MM.'14's performance, Michishige Sayumi talked about her thoughts regarding Berryz Kobo. Momoko's statement makes a reference to something Michishige said in that MC, so I'm just adding it here for clarity. Helps that it's funny as well.}
Sayumi MC from halfway through the concert
Even though everyone [in Berryz Kobo] is younger than myself, I think that they're really grown up. For Miyabi-chan, her seductiveness in her conduct is an example of her being grown up. Risako-chan's the youngest? And yet, you wouldn't think that, with her air of dignity and how regal she is, it makes me think that she's a stylish adult.
As for Momochi, when she's worn out, I think she's exactly like someone in her forties. I mean that in a good way!

Tsugunaga Momoko
There are times when I'm reminded that it's already been over a month since Berryz Kobo announced our indefinite hiatus, but since we made the announcement, I feel that I've really been treasuring my time spent with the members even more. Within today's concert, we sang and danced to really fun songs, as well as our favourites...
Just like Ricchan said, I too am bad at dancing, as well as singing, and I've got no other redeeming features besides my cuteness, but... (Audience goes 'Ehhhh~!?') Isn't it fine, I'm being modest, so let me get away with that one thing!
It renewed what I felt, that standing on-stage as Berryz Kobo is such a joy. Michishige-san mentioned that I appeared to be in my forties, but the memories of today, I won't forget them even when I'm in my forties, fifties, or when I turn 100. And I hope that that is true for all of you as well...
Wait a second, why am I talking so seriously!? (laughs) Now I'm embarrassed!

Shimizu Saki
Everyone in the stands! Did you enjoy yourselves? Everyone in the arena seats, did you have a blast, have you used up everything you've got?
I'm really happy that we were able to see this view again. I'm glad to have been born, I'm glad to have passed the Kids audition, I'm glad to have met the members of Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute. If I hadn't got into Berryz Kobo, I wouldn't have met with everyone, so I'm thankful that I did.
I'd like to treasure the remaining half a year, but today, well, I really enjoy concerts, but even more than usual, today I let go of my worries and enjoyed myself fully, and I'm sure that we gave you our most radiant smiles in these roughly two hours.

{Skoban: Thank you BeriKyuu!}

Source: Dwango

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