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Hello! Project Now. #26 - Tsugunaga Momoko (B.L.T. July 2014)

Hello! Project Now.
26th in this serialisation

This regular serialisation that comes out every issue is devoted to Hello! Pro. Acting as the headliner this time around, we have someone who has a deep relationship with this magazine, 'Momochi' Tsugunaga Momoko-chan. In their recent, newly released songs, this much talked-about, sensational idol was amazing as usual. So in what unthinkable direction will this discussion head towards...!?

With the power of 10 years as an idol, might her eyes be on that!?

This might be a bit rushed, but the title of your new song is 'Futsuu, Idol 10-nen yatterannaidesho!?' (Normally, you wouldn't be an idol for 10 years!?). You've come up with something amazing again.

Although we're singing about things connected to being idols, it's really tough for any girl to continue doing something for 10 years, be it work or anything else. It's a song that celebrates how amazing that is! We've been idols for 10 years, but it's not like we're being smug with this song.

I see. If we could continue, this is about the time when new working adults start hitting a wall for the first time.

I'm also just at the same age as these new working adults. Recently I've been told by my friends that the working life is tiring them out, but I've already been working for 13 years (laughs). Even though I'm the same age, I'm a great senpai to these working adults. My friends from university want me to give them a helping hand, in all sorts of things. We're going out for a meal later today.

If you compare it to a girl that finished university at 22, you'd be the equivalent of a 35 year old person.

That's right. Honestly, I haven't really been depended on so far, but I would like it if people slowly started relying on me.

The lyrics are very vivid, very real, aren't they? Like, 'there were also times when I continued crying throughout the night'.

That's never happened to Momochi. Since I'm always sparkling, even at home. ♪

Haven't they forgotten someone?
A person they can rely on...

(Laughs) By the way, what did you think when Michishige Sayumi announced her graduation? So far, the leader of the Hello! Project collective has always been the leader of Morning Musume., right? The premise has been that it's because they're oldest in both career and age, but that will no longer be the case once Michishige-san graduates. For example, before the start of a Hello! Con performance, who'll be in charge of pep talks to pump everyone up?

Oh~ I've thought about it too. After Misshige-san has left, there'll be 3 people in the eldest academic age group. But our Shimizu Saki is acting as captain of Berryz Kobo, and Yajima Maimi is ℃-ute's leader... and, there's one other person remaining. A person without any official position!

Ah... Yes, there is. Indeed.

Yes, there is. The eldest person who is neither a captain nor leader. I guess it's finally time for Momochi's era to come around. There's that expression, seniority by length of service, right?

Amongst this large gathering of people.

She also has a long history built up, that person would be great, wouldn't she? But there's only a single person.

That's right!

Please put this in bold!

That's an abuse of authority (laughs).

Then make it big and stand out!


Perhaps Hello! Pro might turn into Momo Pro from now on?

To that extent!?

There's a lot of things that Misshige-san has to hand over to me, but I've already inherited her cuteness.

That person seems to be really beloved by her juniors.

There are a lot of young girls in Hello! Pro recently, so it's possible that they might not know of it, but I think they'll find out about it soon eventually. The charms of Momochi, that's what I'm talking about!

We'd expect no less from Momochi. Let's look forward to see that's how it'll turn out, next year (laughs).

Berryz Kobo Momochi
Aiming to be Hello! Pro leader!?

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