Thursday, 25 September 2014

Twitter Tidbits #5 - 24hr TV and S/mileage 3rd gen announcement

Tsunku♂ on idol aspirees
We're at the finale of Morning Musume.'s latest audition. Through it, it suddenly occurred to me that it feels like there are a lot of girls who aren't part of a sports club. Or perhaps the majority of girls who want to be idols in this day and age aren't the type who join sports clubs... When Morning Musume. first started, I hardly ever got that impression.

Tsunku♂ on this year's 24-hour TV marathon
The memory of how moved I was by 24-hour TV... At the end, Leader (Joshima Shigeru of TOKIO) brought forth a real miracle. Yes, I too honestly received some courage to fight back. Thank you so very much. It's been over ten years since the time we worked together, but we're still boys at heart. I feel that a new miracle will be called forth from now on.

Ever since she saw the sight of Leader running for 24-hour TV, my 3-year old daughter has become a fan. When she says 'I want to see Leader', it means she wants to watch TOKIO. Remembering Ambitious Japan off the top of her head, she goes 'Be Ojiisan', replacing the words with the vocabulary she has.
(T/N: The correct line in Ambitious Japan is 'Be ambitious')

(Also, here's a translation of the letter from Tsunku♂ to MM.'14 and the OGs when they performed for 24-hour TV, by Sohee of Hello! Base )

Tsunku♂ on BeriKyuu's Budokan Live

It's the latter half of the 2-day Thank You BeriKyuu Live. I feel like Berryz Kobo have been bracing themselves since the announcement, and it comes across that they're reflecting through each and every thing. It's nice how Tsugunaga can steer the crowd well enough to draw out their voices going 'Eh-!' We'd expect no less.

Sasshi bringing up Paruru's spirits

Paru: (Graphic: Seriously funny!)
Sasshi: Thank you ; _ ;
Paru: Chatting with Sashihara-san really lifts my spirits! You really are an idol ♥
#Paruru #I'mKind #GodlyInteraction

Mano-chan on S/mileage 3rd gen and name-change announcement

It's been a while since I last watched Hello! Sta.
S/mileage are S/mileage, aren't they?
With the entry of the 2nd gen members, the original members were really perplexed, but they accepted them. The 4 people that made up the second generation worked with their utmost effort too, to be recognised by Ayacho, Kanon, and the fans. All of them overcame all sorts of things to to get where they are now.

The increase in members and change of name weren't decided lightly, and I'm sure there was a lot of friction.
It's a decision which contains the lots of love that Ayacho and Kanon have towards 'S/mileage'.
I'm in no position to say this
But it makes me think that they've matured.
Our chances to meet have decreased, but my support will not waver ^ ^

About S/mileage,
I do have some emotional attachment.

Around my début, they acted as my back dancers, supporting me in order to make my events a blast.
With mixed feelings, I hardly ever talked to those girls, but now I'm really thankful and am cheering them on,

Sawayaka Goro on S/mileage 3rd gen
@naryoproject: @sawayakagoro Goro-san, congratulations on the unofficial offer for S/mileage 3rd gen!
@sawayakagoro: Thank you very much! But I'd then become a kouhai to Take-chan...

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