Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Quick tweets on Sayashi birthday event

Sign: Meeting room
Below: Entry forbidden to Sayashi-san!!
Today is Sayashi's bierhday event! #morningmusume14

Handwritten note: To Sayashi-san (Happy Birthday)
Please yell out 'Sayashi's heading off!' when you leave the dressing room.
We're begging for... your kindness!!
All of the staff
Printed note: Please yell out 'Sayashi! Heading off!!' when leaving the dressing room
Since there'll be a guest appearing today, this is how it looks like in the main actresses' dressing room ♪
Sayashi is aware that there's a guest, but has no idea who'll be coming
The 28th of May is、 Sayashi-san's 16th birthday ♪( ´θ`)ノ 
In tears after the event 「I'm really happy… It's so great to be this happy…」、 Sayashi reflected on her joy。...

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