Saturday, 24 May 2014

Questions from the Quiz=Quiz Rally

As part of the Juice=Juice bus tour, they're holding a 'Quiz=Quiz Rally', where you have to answer a two-choice question concerning the Juice=Juice girls. Since I'm taking them from Twitter anyway, I'm just going to poach the pics from the tweets by embedding them.

A sample of the question sheet:

It's Miyazaki Yuka from Juice=Juice!
Question: When I was a child, what were my favourite cheap sweets?
A: Ito Tsuri Ame {Candy that's strung together. See an example here.}
B: 5 yen chocolates
 It's Kanazawa Tomoko from Juice=Juice!
Question: What sport did Kanazawa like? (From about primary school)
A: Monkey bars
B: Jump rope
 It's Takagi Sayuki from Juice=Juice!
Question: Among the ways that Uemura's referred to me, which surprised me the most?
A: Kii
B: Big Faced Baby

It's Miyamoto Karin from Juice=Juice!
Question: What was my dream when I was small?
A: The person who holds the 'vacant' tickets at a parking lot
B: The person who introduces you to products at an electronics store
 It's Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!
Question: Am I bad with carbonic acid?
A: Yes
B: No

Update: So they were given back their answer sheets - marked.
Below is a tweet from one of the participants - who got everything wrong.
Which means that the answers are as follows:
Miyazaki Yuka: A
Kanazawa Tomoko: A
Takagi Sayuki: B
Miyamoto Karin: A
Uemura Akari: A

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