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【 Inside story ・ Minor joke】 Berryz Kobo ・Tsugunaga Momoko、 slight dissatisfaction with BARKS' article。「You say “Miyabi-chan、 Miyabi-chan”…」

{Here we have Momoko haranguing another interviewer, this time the Barks writer who usually covers them.}

Berryz Kobo acquired 1st place for [article of] the month of December 2013 as well as the year。 As a show of gratitude from the editorial department、we handed over a certificate to sub-captain Natsuyaki Miyabi、 and everyone's idol, cute as usual today, 'Momochi' Tsugunaga Momoko、 and received their comments (For reference, see the article published 28th January 2014 entitled  「<BARKS News Award 2013>、1st place for the year is Berryz Kobo(Japanese)& Lady Gaga (Western)」)。

And, then and there, Momochi had 'some thoughts' about the BARKS article. This reporter was filled with trepidation at the unexpected development. And from Momochi's mouth came some frank advice (?). In order to avoid any misunderstandings, below, we present to you the exchange with Momochi, uncut.

  ◆  ◆  ◆

Momochi: I have some thoughts about BARKS-san、 actually。 I actually did read the article。 I like to double-check how things like my comments appear in the news、 reflecting on them, like 『Ah、 this remark was good。』。 Every time BARKS-san comes around for an interview or a press conference、 I'm glad…… But at the same time、 aren't you showing some subjectivity?

── Subjectivity……? Indeed、 fans of Berryz Kobo have had all sorts of things about the articles I've written、 but I'm not clear on which part you're referring to、 Tsugunaga-san。

Momochi: Ah、 I see、 I see。To a certain extent、 there are parts that meet my “expectations”……。

 ── Right。

Momochi: However going all “Miyabi-chan、 Miyabi-chan”、 isn't it a bit uncritical to be a Miyabi-chan oshi?

Miyabi-chan & staff:(Burst of laughter)

── That、that's your imagination。 No way。 Tsugunaga-san、 you're being too sensitive。

Momochi: No no、 you know、 it's seems like it's from a different point of view。 You know、 even though you're writing about Momochi in an article、it's like, 『Meanwhile、 staring at her, the brautiful Miyabi-chan。』!

── (Laughs)

Momochi: So、 isn't that something that's unrelated? Seems like it!

Miyabi-chan: It all right!  It's related!

Momochi: No, no、it's like 『The topic being summarised concerns me, so why is Miya (Miyabi-chan) there!』。That's often what I'm thinking!

Miyabi-chan: You're just thinking too much into it(laughs)。

── That's right。 Just as Miyabi-chan says。

Miyabi-chan: Isn't it all right? Momo (Momochi) often comes out on TV anyway。

Momochi: That's a completely different matter altogether(laughs)。 Didn't we say that 「We want to get the 1st place no matter what」 (When receiving the monthly 1st place certificate)。 So BARKS-san……。

Miaybi-chan: Well, we got it didn't we? As Berryz Kobo!

Momochi: But well、you say that it's Berryz Kobo、 but probably…… about 80% of it is about Miya!! (Laughing while saying this)。

(Everyone bursts into laughter)

Momochi: Well、 I'm glad、 for the article。 As a member。  I'm really glad、 but…(Holding back laughter)…There's way too much of a gap! Wouldn't it be better to not have such a difference in a public!(Stops holding back and bursts into laughter)

──  So those are your true words?

Momochi: Yup, those are my true words !(lol)

──  But、 you really went through it properly despite how busy you are。

Momochi:  Right。The (Berryz Kobo) Budokan article was extremely long、 and the contents of that report were filled with love、 so thank you very much。…… Just thatー。

Miyabi-chan: That's enough、stop it already!(laughs)

Momochi: I got it, I got it (laughs)

  ◆  ◆  ◆

Through this interview、 we were better able to understand Momochi。 That is、 her attitude where every time、 she double checks how her words were picked up by the news articles of all the agencies、  and reflects on them。 Starting from variety programmes and talk shows、 Momochi is currently in great demand everywhere。 How is it that while appearing on such programmes in succession、 she is able to continue to to give witty remarks? Her secret might be that she takes the chance to tie things together through this self-analysis。

For Berryz Kobo, the group that hardworking Momochi is attached to、 they'll be releasing their new single 「Otona na no yo!/1-oku 3-zen Man Sou Diet Oukoku」 on the 19th of February。 Moreover、 next on the 26th of February will be the release of their best-of album 『Berryz Kobo Special Best Vol.2』。

「『Otona na no yo!』 is poppy、 and it's a song I personally really like。 Since the dance is adorable、 I'd love it if you'd mimic it。 It'll be great for rousing up any  Hello! Project  performance 、 so I'd like to use it in our independent tour performances beginning from the 1st of March (Berryz Kobo Début 10-Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour ー2014 Spring ~ Real Berryz Kobo工房 ~) to make it a blast。」── Natsuyaki Miyabi

And、starting from the 29th and 30th of March、Berryz Kobo、 Morning Musume。'14 and ℃-ute、 S/mileage、 Juice=Juice will be holding performances at the <Hello! Project HinaFes 2014 ~Full Course~> at Pacifico Yokohama。

Nevertheless、 the Momochi who was infuriated at this reporter、 well、 with her Momochi Musubi bristling as well, was kept in check by Miyabi-chan。  It's clear in anyone's eyes that her beauty and kindness、 combined with her occasional strictness、 makes her a wonderful sub-captain。

text by ytsuji a.k.a. Editorial Department(つ)


{I have previously done a translation of the Barks' Berryz Budokan article, which led them to win this award. I must warn you, when they say it was extremely long, they weren't kidding - my translation covered about 10,000 words over 3 posts, each post being a page of the report. Page 2 covers Miya's solo, where you can blatantly see the writer's Miya-bias.
Barks Report on Berryz Kobo's Budokan Live - page 1, page 2, page 3}


  1. Momo's genius sometimes frightens me. Teasing BANKS-san egomaniacally, she manipulated him into having the last word by once again mentioning how wonderful Miya is... which of course draws further reader attention to the rest of the wonderful Berryz and not just the not-to-everyone's-taste Momochi. He may be smitten with his oshii Miya, but it is Momo whose bidding he has be trained to do.

    We are indeed fortunate that Momo has chosen to use her powers for Good...

  2. Thank you for these translations!
    I greatly enjoy reading these interesting tidbits. I feel like I understand the girls just a tiny bit more every time.