Friday, 2 May 2014

The Girls Live: Berryz by Riho

Ah, one of my favourite songs, off Berryz' 9th album. So what did Riho have to highlight about the clothes she had prepared?

Firstly, on each outfit, she had put the initial of each member's first name on using rhinestones.
She then notes that she had attached the heart-shaped studs on Saki's collar herself
Momo: If you turn them around they become peaches

Maasa (I think) notes that Momo got ribbons this time.
In previous editions of The Girls Live, when Berryz were dressed up, the ribbons for Momo's hair would often get missed out.
Third time's the charm though, as Riho had supplied her with a ribbon.
Riho had broke one of them, fixing it with sellotape.
Momo: I feel the care put into their crafting

Riho had also made Chinami's earrings to match her member colour.
Miya's one piece and Risako's skirt were decorated with rhinestones.

For Maasa, Riho points out the studs in the headband.
Attached to the headband was a palm tree decoration.
Chinami noted the similarity between the Japanese world for palm tree - yashi - with one of Riho's nicknames, Yasshi.

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