Tuesday, 29 December 2015

To all of you who have always been giving your support (Message from Konishi Ayano)

Message from Ayano

I lack the confidence to keep up with Tokyo Girls' Style, who have been gradually pushing on ahead as we entered this year.
To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we went through with our fifth anniversary commemoration concert, and seeing the smiles on the faces of the other members on that day
From the bottom of my heart, I was glad that the 5 of us went on until then, without any changes
And at the same time, I was satisfied to have got that far.

It just so happened that as we had some time to breathe after the concert, there was also the pain that I had been bearing,
So thinking once again about our activities so far, I had a chance to rest.

And so, I had time to take a good long look at myself,
I thought seriously about whether or not I should do it once again, and as a member of Tokyo Girls' Style
I had no confidence that I could continue on working hard, with my eyes on the same dreams as the others,
And while the 4 of them have been aiming even higher,
It was inexcusable for me to go on with such half-hearted feelings,
Was I not just dragging my feet? And thus, that is how I came to this decision.

When I made my debut, I was still very much a child, and enjoyed myself dancing and singing without thinking too deeply about it,
But as I developed physically, though I had so much confidence in singing, I couldn't sing well,
I was always out of form because I'd noticed the difficulties of singing while dancing, but I couldn't bring time to a halt.
As time gradually passed, my feelings weren't keeping pace, and countless times, I wanted to run away,
But standing on-stage, with the fans who received me warmly,
The time spent singing and dancing with everyone was the greatest, most enjoyable bliss... That's how I've been doing it so far.
I really do love performing live.

My current self stems from the fact that whatever happened,
All you fans would watch over me and cheer me on.
And also the members of staff who would take everything head-on, moving frantically.
My family, who gave me support and were my staunch allies no matter what happened.
And, the members whom I love, with whom I've shared the tough times and the fun times together,
With whom I've spent more time together in these 6 years than with my family.

It's thanks to everyone that I've been involved with.

Despite being really cared for and brought up by all sorts of people, I'm sorry that I couldn't live up to your expectations.

From now on, to not lose to the members who are pushing ahead gradually ,
I may be going on a different path, but I'll face forward, and do my best with confidence.

To everyone who's been giving your support until now, thank you so so very much.
I'm full of gratitude. I love all of you.

From now on as well, I beg for your kind support for Tokyo Girls' Style.

Konishi Ayano


Message from the staff

'Konishi Ayano' who was on leave due to poor physical condition will be graduating from 'Tokyo Girls' Style' and retiring from activities in the entertainment industry.

Ever since Tokyo Girls' Style was formed in 2010, she's been together with us for a long time,
And it is truly sad that she will be leaving behind the members that she's been having activities together with,
But after a buildup of discussions with the staff and discussions with the members, this decision was made.

Konishi Ayano is graduating,
But the other day, the 4 of them released a new album,
And they'll be aiming higher, aiming once again for the stage of the Nippon Budokan,
We will continue to support the members who want to continue on as Tokyo Girls' Style,
And we would proactively like to continue with their activities.
We humbly beg for your support for Tokyo Girls' Style in the future as well.

From all the staff of Tokyo Girls' Style


Message from Tokyo Girls' Style 

This time around, our member Ayano has made an announcement,
and from now on, Tokyo Girls' Style will continue on with 4 people.

While she was resting, the 4 of us continued with activities, wanting Ayano to return,
But it's ended up with Ayano having dropped out, and to all the fans and the people who have been cheering us on,
We are sorry about this.

Celebrating our 5th anniversary this year, we wanted to do activities that would lead us to even greater heights,
And we changed in our own way.
Having discussed it with Ayano, it's sad, but we didn't want it to end here,
So having ended up as a 4-person group, we decided that we would continue on with activities as Tokyo Girls' Style.

From now on, without wavering, even more,
We'll sing and dance and convey the joy of music.
We beg for your ongoing support for Tokyo Girls' Style.

Tokyo Girls' Style
Yamabe Miyu, Arai Hitomi, Nakae Yuri, Shoji Mei


End of translation.

Also announced was that Ayano would be making an appearance on the final episode of her radio show, 'Tokyo Joshiryu no Konitan Konya mo Nikko Niko Nitan', to be aired late night 30th December. The members of staff, bless their souls, tweeted out some photos of the girls with Ayano.


And personally, the only thing I have to say is this:
Sayonara, Arigatou.


  1. Thank you so much for translating!
    Ayano always was my favorite in the group. Having watched her, I feel like I understand a bit of her reasons for graduating (re confidence, changes). It's very nice to have some closure with her. I needed some closure.
    All my best to Konishi Ayano.

  2. Thank you for translating...
    This is such a sad way for Ayano to leave :(

  3. Thank you for translating! I've gotten a better understanding of why she's graduated. I'll miss her a lot :/

    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  4. Thank you for the translation. We must wish aachan the very best for her future, in whatever she decides to follow.