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Berryz Kobo x ℃-ute Cross Talk: Yajima Maimi x Okai Chisato

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hello! Project Kids in 2012, a book entitled Rival - 12 shoujo no 10-nen monogatari - (The 10-year legend of the 12 girls) was released. The book contains 2-page discussions between various pairings of the girls, covering all 66 possible combinations.

Special Crosstalk Book "RIVAL 12 shoujyo no 10 nen monogatari (10 years stories of 12 girls)" / Berrz Kobo / Cute

Yajima Maimi X Okai Chisato

While they're different types, Yajima and Okai are good at sports, with quick reflexes.
Yet, for some reason, they empathise with one another over being late and forgetting things?


It's said that the 2 of you are good at sports, but what do you yourselves think?

Okai: Yaji's amazing. I think I'll never ever be able to beat her.

Yajima: Really? That can't be the case.

Okai: It's not like I've got particularly good reflexes. In the end, it's half-baked. Even when I run, I'm not fast, nor am I slow, it only seems like I'm capable because I'm at the halfway mark. It doesn't mean I'm good at sports.

Yajima: How about in P.E. classes at school?

Okai: My grades for P.E. are on the good side, but it's not like I'm really capable. If I had a match with the other members, I think the match would end in a lame loss. For Yaji, whatever you do, on the whole, it's at a high level.

Yajima: I'm not really great at sports, but I enjoy moving my body. As for Chissa, I thought that you'd definitely be good at sports.

Would you say that there's a game that she's good at?

Yajima: If we're talking about Chissa, wouldn't it be football?

Okai: Actually, recently, I've seriously lost confidence with football (laughs). Now that I don't have P.E. classes, I don't do sports, you see? And so, I think I've gotten slow (laughs). Speaking of which, I wouldn't say I'm good, but I feel that I just do it at full power. Since I've got stamina, if you tell me to continue running, I'll just keep on running. Not that I enjoy running though (laughs).

Yajima: For me, I'm not good with sports like football where you have to attack aggressively. Like what would happen if I hit someone, it weighs on my mind.

Did the 2 of you also play futsal as part of the team 'Gatas Brillantes H.P.'?

Yajima: And thus, we're now training to move aggressively in 'Gatas' (laughs).

You also dance, but are sports and dancing different things?

Okai: They seem similar, but I think they're completely different. The feeling is completely different.

Yajima: You aren't just moving your body when you dance, there's also the presentation aspect. Of course the presentation factor is important in sports as well, but fundamentally you wouldn't mind about it. For example, if you have to run fast, wouldn't it be sufficient to figure out a method that would let you run the fastest? But dancing is for people to watch, so it's a different kind of difficulty.

I'm able to have peace of mind because Yaji's around (laughs) by Chisato

Speaking about stamina, who's got more of it between Maimi-chan and Okai-chan?

Okai: Simply said, I'm the kind of person who doesn't tire out. When I'm running, it does come to a point when I think it really hurts, but when I try stopping, I'm pretty fine. It's just that I can sometimes be soft on myself, so I feel like I run at a pace that's fine for me (laughs). However, whatever Yaji does, she uses up everything she's got.

Yajima: Yup (laughs). It's the same with concerts. I think that everyone else is amazing. I'm always in a daze at the end......

Okai: Obviously, everyone uses everything they've got. But when we're done, we're still fine enough to move, yet looking at Yaji, it's like '......Are you all right!?' (laughs).

Yajima: Perhaps it might be age (laughs). Just as Chissa mentioned, I think that we definitely had stamina when we were in school.

Okai: Didn't we?~ (laughs) When I run now, I feel like I used to run faster in the past.

When you still the Hello! Project Kids, there were sports events, but do you still remember what happened back then?

Okai: As a rule, I didn't really make an appearance, but Yaji was amazing. Satoda (Mai)-san and Tsuji (Nozomi)-san were known for being really fast, weren't they? But when Yaji ran, she was even faster.

Yajima: When I was to compete against Satoda-san and the rest, I thought that they were fast, and that I couldn't beat them... But for me, in my mind, I thought that Chissa would be fast! The Kids were grouped up into a team called the 'Gatas Youths (Little Gatas)', and when we had activities for that, I thought that the way Chissa handled the ball was really good. You had a small build, so you were nimble. I thought that you were really fast.

The two of you are different types, yet are similarly athletic.

Okai: Yaji was unexpected. Looking at her, you wouldn't think she's the sporty type (laughs).

Yajima: Do I seem that way? Oh my (laughs).

Okai: You seem to be quiet (laughs).

Yajima: I see (laughs). But when ℃-ute have to so some sporty activities, it's generally the 2 of us. We did a fishing showdown on TV.

Okai: The 2 of us don't get seasick either (laughs).

Yajima: Chissa was amazing. Like, you need to build up quite a bit of courage to put bait on the hook, right? She just went and did it.

Okai: While we were heading to our destination on the boat, I practised it when the camera wasn't filming (laughs). The bait was shrimp, and you have to pinpoint the place where the hook has to go beforehand in order to hook it well. And since we do it while they're still alive, I thought about how to put it on while obscuring the hook. I still can't put on insects as bait, but I'm fine with shrimp.

A common point that comes at odds to their sportiness
They even forgot their suitcases!

Being athletic means that you need reflexes and intuition, but on the other hand, you 2 are comrades in often being late and forgetting things (laughs).

Okai: Ah- you're going in that direction (laughs)!? I'm not good at internally telling time, and as a result, I'm lax with time. I make plans thinking that I'll make it in time if I ride the next train, but I end up not making it in time. Also, I fall asleep after waking up and oversleep, and I get on the wrong trains. Forgetting things...... At any rate, as long as I've got my mobile phone, I'll be fine no matter what happens (laughs).

Yajima: Because you can contact people right (laughs)? But I forget even my mobile phone. Once, when we were supposed to group up at a certain station exit, I forgot my phone, where I'd noted down which exit we'd be meeting at. Normally I'd check where we'd be meeting while riding on the train, but since I didn't have my phone on me, I didn't know which exit it was, and I didn't have time to turn back to get it, I couldn't even tell people that I'd be late. In the end, I trusted my instincts, and by some kind of miracle, I managed to get to the gathering location on time, but I probably made the people around me fearful (laughs). In the past, when Chissa stayed at hotels, you didn't even go out, right?

Okai: That did happen (laughs). But I don't really oversleep at hotels. It's just at home, getting to the train on time is the problem. My actions are slow from leaving the house until I get to the train~.

With Chissa around, it's a relief (laughs) by Maimi

Yajima: I think that's still fine (laughs). On the contrary, I'm the impatient type. Because of that, I often overlook things. I think I'll be all right when I go out, and after I've left home, I'll notice that I'm missing something, and I won't be in time if I turn back to get it. I even forget the essentials. For example, I forgot my suitcase.

Okai: I forgot my suitcase the other day as well!

Yajima: Really!? Since we don't normally bring it with us, we forget it, right (laughs)? That's nice, Chissa and I really are comrades. With Chissa around, it's a relief, as I know it's not just me (laughs).

Okai: When it comes to choreography as well, I'm able to have peace of mind bedcause Yaji's around (laughs).

Yajima: Generally, the ones who don't remember the choreography until the very end are Chissa and me (laughs).

Okai: The 2 of us, our minds go blank, we reach our wits' end.

Yajima: Once, when we stayed over together, the 2 of us were constantly reading our scripts. We've got to be careful, right (laughs)?

They'll be mamas after 10 years?
Needing special attention to tardiness and forgetting things

Well then,  how will the 2 of you be like 10 years in the future?

Yajima: Chissa'll be married. I think that the ℃-ute member who'll get married the earliest would be Chissa or Mai-chan.

Okai: That might be so. I've wondered myself whether I'll get married early or late. But everyone says that I'll get married fast, so instead, I feel pressured to get married early (laughs). Yaji might get married, and become a mother. As fellow mothers, I'd like to go for a meal together.

Yajima: Though even as we make the promise, the 2 of us will be late!?

Okai: Ahahahaha. it feels like we'll forget to give our children their bentos (laughs).


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