Monday, 21 December 2015

Momochi no Kimochi: Convenience Stores (Essay #7/22)

I go once a day.
I've always thought that convenience stores
don't play by the rules.

When you want to just buy a drink,
it's purposely placed deep inside, right?
To get to it,
they've rigged lots of eye-catching traps,
like newly-released sweets.
Isn't it a detestable system!

When I'm in a rush,
I'd just pass through and grab a drink,
but when I've got time to waste,
with their suggestion to 'take this little opportunity',
while putting chewing gum or cough drops into my basket,
I'd get a drink at the end
and head to the cash register.

Upon doing that,
there'd be dango by the side,
and while thinking
'There it is, the final trap',
it'd definitely go in my basket......

Well, it doesn't count as my loss though.
It'd be frustrating if I'd let myself
get caught in the trap without knowing,
but I take it with full understanding,
so I think of it as my win.

Every day, I secretly hold a battle
with the convenience store.

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  1. I like how I think this is her way of thinking about wining but its in the win she losses after having thought about the win and all that