Sunday, 30 November 2014

Twitter Tidbits #9: Sayu grad edition part 2

Goto Yuki (The Possible)

Michishige Sayumi-san、 you were really cute and cool to the end。 From my Hello! Pro Egg era until now、I'm glad to have stood on the same stage with Michishige-san, even though it hasn't really happened that often! Congratulations on graduating。 And good work on those 12 years。♡

Hashimoto Aina (The Possible)
I went to Michishige Sayumi-san's graduation concert、 at Yokohama Arena!!
She held her strong core of cuteness until the end、 she's a senpai I respect and love love love。。!
Congratulations on your graduation!
We too have to work even harder。

Morozuka Kanami (The Possible)
I went to Yokohama Arena to watch Michishige Sayumi-san's graduation concert。

While there was an accident midway through, Michishige-san sang and danced until the end with a dignified smile, and it was moving to see the sight of the members around her supporting her, frantically holding on despite holding back tears。

Michishige-san is an eternal idol。

Congratulations on graduating!

Shibata Ayumi (Melon Kinenbi)
Shige-san, congratulations on graduating ♡
And good job on your 12 years (*˘︶˘*)

Kobayashi Kana (AKB48)
Michishige-san was definitely cute!
How movingー!!!
Morning Musume。-san was wonderful♡

Oomori Seiko

Sayu was awesome! She's a person who can make your life fascinating
Thank you ∞
The whole time、 her breathing、 even 1 mm of movement of her facial muscles、 they were lovely
Her final speech wasn't read out from a letter
Such flawlessness like Obama, Tamori, Michishige
I wonder how many years it takes to attain that
Love her

Tanemura Arina
Michishige Sayumi-chan's graduation concert was awesome〜☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
At Sayu's solo 『Akai Freesia』、 my tear ducts let loose…。
Sayu、 thank you for the brilliant time!
Thank you for your hard work!!
Sayu today、 was the cutest she's ever been so far!!

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