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Pretty!? Cute!? Showdown at the Summit ♥ [Momoko x Sayumi x Ayacho]

Hello! Pro Great Assembly
Special Mook 'Idol JUNON 2014' will go on sale on the 10th of July!

A line-up of self-styled number ones(!?)
Pretty!? Cute!? Showdown at the Summit ♥

We are getting closer and closer to the release of Junon's first idol mook, 'Idol Junon 2014'. And so, in commemoration (?) of the release of 'Idol Junon 2014', we have a pressing discussion with 3 people who will appear in it. They'll be having a de~ep discussion on the topic of idols!

Momochi is in a different genre than that of an 'idol'?

Tsugunaga: There are a lot of idols appearing in 'Idol Junon 2014', but everyone's goal is myself, Momochi, right!?

Michishige: Eh, seriously, is that what you're saying?

Tsugunaga: It's an appropriate standpoint to take for this time and place, I'm doing my best with it.

Michishige: I got to appear in this book, and drew some criticism once again as an idol.

Wada: I still can't talk about things like 'What is an idol?', so I'd like to learn a lot more about those sort of things from Michishige-san.

Tsugunaga: Hold on-, you're forgetting about me!!

Being an idol is a wonderful occupation
Michishige: Momochi isn't an idol, it's like you're in a different 'Momochi-class' genre. Although it's a class that no one wants to be part of (laughs). Talking about it, one of the questions that was asked in the book is 'What is an idol?' My answer was 'Has to be cute'.

Tsugunaga: Ayacho answered 'The arts'.

Michishige: Isn't that too much of a given? I think of our existence as an art.

Wada: That isn't the case---

A heated outburst of discussion on their own 'Idol theories'

Tsugunaga: I support Michishige-san's opinion. There are cute-type idols and beauty-type idols, but in the end you need to combine both with cuteness. Putting aside whether or not Michishige-san is cute (laughs).

Michishige: What do you mean 'putting it aside'!! But definitely, for idols, whether they should aim for being the cute-type of the beauty-type, that's an important question. Since age becomes an issue in particular for girls. I've slowly come to think that merely cuteness isn't good.

Momochi is unanimously the number one ♥
Wada: I think that the two of you haven't changed in cuteness ever since you made your début, keeping youthful.

Michishige: Really-? But recently, when I'm complimented on something besides my cuteness, I'm happy wondering if I'm 'appearing my age'.

Tsugunaga: But, it depends on whether the person is suited for it. You can figure which type you're suited to by examining how you look without make-up.

Michishige: But if you're in middle school or high school, you really want cuteness. Since the time will someday come when you'll be called a beauty, but besides those times, I think that it would be better to focus deeply on cuteness!

Wada: That's what I've been worrying about recently, so I'll use the opinions from both of you as a reference.

I love Hello! Pro since everyone's so cute ♥
Michishige: By the way, what was Momochi's theory? Was it 'Idol is life'?

Wada: That's nice, life.

Tsugunaga: Just a 'That's nice'?

Wada: Recently I've been told that I sparkle more when talking about the arts rather than as an idol, so I can't take it as an example.

Michishige: I don't really get Momochi's theory (laughs). But for the time being, there are things about Momochi that I think are cute. Number one would be her name (laughs).

Tsugunaga: Just the name?

Michishige: As a child ('Ko') of the peaches ('Momo'), 'Momoko' is super cute. I give it full marks ♥

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