Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Twitter Tidbits #7 - ManoEri focus

A sigh of relief
While drinking coffee
While reading my script。

In a place I'm unused to
That's different from the usual
I'm having time completely to myself。

It's not like I'm pressed for time
And it's not like I've got too much to handle
Following my own mood, it's my own time。

I think that these kind of days
Are also good days。

Spending a day
Like how I did today
Makes me want to go
On another trip overseas trip by myself。

Maybe I should go next year、
Where should I go next。

Maybe Belgium、
Maybe Holland、
Maybe the Czech Republic、
I'd like to try going to Germany too。

I didn't like it so much recently
But I've come to like it again
The time I spend alone。 lol

FF Orchestra Concert?!?!

The heck、 I really wanna go。

I'm really interested >_<
I wanna go I wanna go。

At times、 I think
That I'd like to reply to all of you、
But Manetty、 how about it?(._.)

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