Monday, 10 March 2014

Top left
From Yuka
To start off!!! For picking up this book, thank you very much
I was thinking, "Aren't you able to see different versions of us?"... but how is it?
From now on too all of Juice=Juice will put together our strengths and do our best
Anyway, from now on too, we beg for your kindness

Middle left
From KanaTomo!!
Thank you for your continued support.
This is KanaTomo.
For Juice=Juice,
We won't forget our innocence from now on too
And we will go on to do our best!!
We beg for your kindness~!!!

Bottom left
From Sayuking
Since Takagi Sayuki, will be doing her best from now on too, if it's okay, please watch over me-
I'm gonna work hard

Top right 
From Karin
Thank you very much for always supporting us!
For everyone in the Juice=Juice Family,
so that those not yet in this family that "gives great support"
To come to think that "I want to be part of the Juice=Juice Family"
I'll do my best

From A-ri-
Thank you very much for  your continued support!!!
Looking at our handshake events, events, concerts, blog comments; I think it always makes me glad!
Yet still, my performance is still insufficient, so from now on too I'll be counting on your support

Bottom right
From now on too, we'll be begging for your kindness in supporting Juice=Juice

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