Tuesday, 18 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #21

{From Juice=Juice's resident Osakan Uemura Akari, we go to Bakuwara.}

Katsuta Rina - 18th March

The relay blog that was started by Morning Musume。'14's Michishige Sayumi-san!

From Juice=Juice、Rii!(Uemura Akari-chan) has passed it on to meーー\(^o^)/

To talk about "Something that moved me recently!"、 the thing that moved me was 、what I received from my friends at the graduation ceremony、 autograph cards and letters!!

I cried while reading themーーー(lol)!!

That is the thing that moved me ♪♪

The HinaFes is coming up soon\(^o^)/
Thinking about singing again on the large stage of Pacifico Yokohama makes me really look forward to it ♪♪

Well、 since it's a relay blog、 next will be Morning Musume。'14's Sato Masaki-chan ♪♪

I wonder what has moved Maachanーー???

{I have concerns about Maa-chan, since (i) she updates pretty infrequently (her last post was over a week ago) (ii) Maa-chan's blog posts are infamous for being semi-incomprehensible. We'll see.}
{Maa-chan updates before the night is through! Let's see what Sato Masaki has to say}

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