Saturday, 15 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #1

{Sayumi started this 'blog topic relay' in preparation for the HinaFes. Having translated it for Nacky's post, I decided to take the plunge and follow the thread. I'll be extracting just the excerpts of the blog posts about this topic, starting with Sayumi. Enjoy.}

Sayumi - 3rd March

And then starting from today ♪

To build up to the 'HinaFes'

I think I'd like to do the following

♥ Announcement of Hello! Project's first blog collaboration ♥

I'd like to link together our blogs with a certain theme, and the blog post's theme will be

♥ Something that recently moved myself ♥

For Sayumi, something that recently moved me was,,,

I was able to set my bangs nicely ♥!!!!

Eh~ it's just something like that~!?

Is that what you're thinking???

No, no

It's only the bangs! Even so it's the bangs!! Right

For Sayumi, bangs are my life
Therefore, being able to set them well moved me

The previous Sayumi photos that were put up
Were photos on days when Sayumi's bangs were done well

↑ Even looking from the side, my bangs on this day look good in a Sayumi-like way

And then, during the Sochi Olympics
Honestly, day in and day out, I was moved by the tenacity, the great efforts, the brilliance of the Japanese representatives

I too, would like to become such a person who can bestow such emotion, I'll do my best!!!!

Well then, S/mileage's Nakanishi Kana-chan,
Do you have anything that moved you recently??

Please tell us in your blog post tomorrow, k

[For an alternative translation of this blog post, see Nantonaku Translations]

{Continue on to Kananan's post}

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