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[Live report] Berryz Kobo's first Nippon Budokan performance. Yappari Anata Nashi de ha Ikite Yukenai {page 2}

{Page 2 of the epic Barks Berryz Budokan article. Go here for page 1, and here for page 3}

Halfway through, ℃-ute appeared on stage as a special guest. Berryz Kobo had rushed in to celebrate with them during ℃-ute 's performance at the Nippon Budokan on the 10th of September (day of ℃-ute), so most of the fans had expected that ℃-ute would be making an appearance on this occasion. However, no one, including the members of Berryz Kobo, had expected the development that would occur after those girls had made their entrance.

"When Berryz Kobo came to ℃-ute's individual live performance at the Nippon Budokan, they had prepared photos from the time when we were part of Hello! Project Kids. So, we prepared some for Berryz Kobo too!"

Hearing that statement from ℃-ute's Okai Chisato, Berryz Kobo could not hide their agitation.
"We never heard of this, we never heard anything!",
"This, we never did it in the rehearsal, did we?" Tokunaga asked.
Of course it hadn't been done in the rehearsal, it was a surprise after all. Then, the photos were displayed on the screen above the stage, starting with a photo of Captain Shimizu. According to Okai's explanation, it was the first time that these photos were being revealed to the public, as they were photos from a clothes fitting session before their début.

The venue was mixed with cheers and laughter, and with a comment of, "What a country bumpkin!" Shimizu sat down in protest.
Tokunaga performed the same pose as her photo, "Even from then, your skin was dark."
In spite of her supposedly being in idol mode 24 hours a day, the Momochi depicted across space-time from 11 years ago would make anyone tremble in fear, "Scary!", "She's glaring."
On the other hand, not yet 170 cm at the time, the Kumai "before her rapid growth period" raised exclamations of "Cute!" (It should be noted that her current height is officially 176cm).

"How accomplished!" "She hasn't really changed, not much."
Everyone was surprised with Miyabi-chan from 11 years ago.
"My father, he's called Ken-chan, but Ken-chan took one look at Miyabi-chan, and told me, "Chisato, you're going to fail this audition,"," Okai reminisced about her father's early declaration of defeat from the time of the Kids audition.
However, one couldn't help but think so, that it wasn't just boasting, looking at how perfect Natsuyaki Miyabi (10 years old) was. However, Okai Chisato also successfully passed the audition in the end.
While an overseas fan once stated that Miyabi-chan's presence was as the "absolute standard of beauty," Okai also, in her role as the mood maker of ℃-ute, said that she was indispensable presence who could talk, dance, and sing.

"She's too cute~," the angelic charm of Sugaya Risako excited everyone.
And last up was Sudo Maasa. However, the photo projected on the screen was of of a girl facing forwards with her eyes half open.
"Wait a minute!" "This is NG!" "It's a broadcasting accident!"
And, on stage, everyone was making an a × with both hands, behaving like young comedians and making a commotion. Moreover, Momochi requested that "Maasa, redo it, please."
While Sudo was saying, "I definitely can't", "Wait a minute. Not this photo," a collaboration with herself had materialised after 11 years had passed.

For some reason, a photo completely unrelated to Berryz Kobo, a photo of ℃-ute · leader Yajima Maimi suddenly appeared, and we were reminded once again of Tsunku♂'s terrific magic.
After that proof of Tsunku♂-producer's amazing ability to see through girls, Miyabi-chan introduced the next song, "Since everyone's gathered up here, going back to our time as Kids, I think we'd like to sing this song."
A chime resounded, and the 21 of them performed the Hello! Project Kids début song "Ganbacchae!", released on a Single V when when all of them were still in elementary school.
While the scenery on stage was slightly lonelier than that time, due to things such as graduations, even now the bonds among the Kids were still unchanged (Though you could feel it slightly more at the ℃-ute Budokan performance, as it seems that the girls kept in contact with the graduated members and still remain on good terms).
And above all, the fact is that those 12 were force to be reckoned with in the current idol scene even before they carried out their Nippon Budokan performances. For the fans that who have been watching those girls from the old days, they were overwhelmed with "Ganbacchae!" (and "Rival") on that day.

After ℃-ute showed off "Aitte motto Zanshin", the Hello! Project Kenshuusei made a fresh appearance. They did a stage performance of the standard Kenshuusei song, "Kanojo ni naritai!!!".
However, something was amiss. Here and there, it felt like there was a lack of freshness.
Not just that, there was an awfully tall Kenshuusei, and reflected on the screen were flashes of unfamiliar Kenshuusei names on T-shirts, "Tokunaga", "Sudo", "Kumai", "Sugaya," and "Shimizu." Already the audience had realised something, sending off familiar cheers, or laughing.

After singing, Kenshuusei Hamaura Ayano called out to fellow Kenshuusei Kaneko Rie, "There seems to be Kenshuusei I've never seen before mixed in with us."
Then, without introducing herself, a lone member wearing a T-shirt with "Tokunaga" written on it entered the stage centre. "I'm "ChinaChina" who just joined the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei! My favourite side dish to go with rice is grilled mackerel," she said, flashing an energetic smile.
In addition, "Similarly, I'm "SudoSudo" who just joined! My favourite car manufacturer is ......," Kaneko interjected in a fit, "That's enough!" The "newly-joined" members were frightened by their angry senpai's rebuff.
And then, "All of you Hello! Pro Kenshuusei~. The person whom the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei look up to, it's Momochi-oneesan~." Momochi made an appearance with her Momochi musubi in full swing. Come to think of it, the Momochi musubi, until the end of the Budokan performance, continued shaking while maintaining its shape. While being amazed by her power to keep its shape, from the tips of her toes to the ends of her hair she's a splendid idol.

Momochi, utilising her "industry-learnt whispering" skills, persuaded the Kenshuusei who wanted to perform a cooler song, to still perform "Momochi! Yurushite-nyan♡Taisou." After the entire hall had exhibited the appearance of some belated warm-up exercises, we came to one of the day's moments of climax.

With the advent of Natsuyaki Miyabi, in one breath, the glowsticks at the venue begun to emit a purple glow.

Of note, wearing a crown, she gave off the brilliance of a queen, and she walked to the stage past the audience, her bearing being reminiscent of a red carpet entrance. The phrase "QUEEN of IDOL" was truly made for her. One couldn't help but be convinced.
Or, as in Sandro Botticelli's masterpiece "The Birth of Venus", Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, was depicted standing atop a shell floating atop the sea; depicted here on the canvas of the Nippon Budokan on the 29th of November, standing on the stage, floating atop a wondrous sea of violet, was the goddess of love and beauty

That was evident in everyone's eyes.

"I'd like to talk about Miya's current state of mind, but ....... Wow. I'm real-ly nervous....... It's really beautiful," as Miyabi-chan looked at the scene in front of her eyes. One-by-one the violet lights, and the eyes of everyone, poured onto the girl standing in the middle of the stage. Then there was a great cheer of "Miya!" While saying, "I'll cry, I'll cry!" with her mouth, it was too late, her eyes were already full of tears. "Really, Budokan is... ah, I'm tearing up. Wait a sec, this is bad. Haha." With that, Miyabi-chan's playfulness led to a little laughter.

Thinking of it, "What's up with this, me, despite never crying like this." Those words, we've heard them before at the <Hina Matsuri Festival 2013> in March. Recently you can see Miyabi-chan crying a lot, that is definitely because she became an adult blanketed in the kindness of many people. As Berryz Kobo, as Natusyaki Miyabi, there certainly were painful thoughts and difficult times. However, people can understand the kindness just as much as the pain. And, for her, she had listed the Budokan performance as a dream for the longest time. The hardships and grief up to now, and since there were difficult times, now, it was a fact that she was standing on the stage of dreams. Moreover, she was receiving warm cheers of support from the large crowd. Everything was linked, so it was natural that she would be overflowing with tears.

"Because Budokan is the place of Berryz Kobo's dreams, I'd never thought that we'd get to today. Like, I'm really glad. We did it! Really. From when we were rehearsing, all of the Berryz were nervous, we did tons of double-checks, and you could really hear the music, every day, those days continued. I mean after all, when we heard about Budokan, we were sooo anxious, wondering how many people we could gather, we really had it in our thoughts, thinking about it. Because I discussed it a lot with Captain......"

With each word, despite fumbling due to her feelings, she continued talking, but with that mention of 'Captain', she finally stammered with tears. She had been officially appointed as the Berryz Kobo sub-captain in April, with different opinions to Captain, and from a different angle, she looked at Berryz Kobo, and she assembled together the team by being strict at times. In addition, with Captain in particular, they had discussions in order to make Berryz Kobo even better, discussing their worries, shedding tears together. The word 'Captain' itself, made her remember the various feelings from the days so far, heating up the chest.

"I never really thought that we would really gather this many people," she said, and as if to boost her with all their might, a great call of "Miyabi! Miyabi!" spontaneously erupted. The original glow stick in the shape of Berryz Kobo's "B", just for this moment transformed into the brilliance of MIYABI's "B".
"I really didn't mean to cry (laughs). But I'm really grateful." With her eyes sparkling, Miyabi-chan flashed a smile once again.

"Isn't the Budokan amazingly spacious? So when I got to appear as a guest at Sharan Q-san's live performance, I said that "It would be great if Berryz Kobo could fill this up-."And I came to see the live performances of various artist-sans. I came to see Hello! Pro live performances, and the live performance by ℃-ute who came today, when I left, at the moment, despite it not being my own live performance I was really nervous, since they might be our contemporaries, but I was really moved. Today, Berryz Kobo at Budokan...... since I never thought that we could pull it off, and yet we really really did it, I'm extremely glad. Thank you very much for assembling here."

In response to the thunderous applause, "Your applause is amazing." Once again, Miyabi-chan was overcome with emotion. "Well... What should I do. Even the singing made me nervous." For such a hesitant statement to come from the girl who was usually known as the sexy and cool one, voices going "Good luck-!" flew out. And, Miyabi-chan, from Tsunku♂-producer, received instruction to sing a solo song at the Budokan performance, "The feeling of wanting to meet everyone soon is really strong." And, personally selected, she started singing "Aitai kedo..." packed full of love.

<Kimi ha itsu no hi mo/ Ganbariya-san da ne > {<You are, at any time/ Always a hard worker>}
<Kyou mo Ashita mo/Suki de imasu> {<Be it today or tomorrow, / I will love you>}

Budokan was filled with her fascinating, yet carefree singing voice. It might be that Miyabi-chan visualised the faces of each and every fan in the lyrics, but in the eyes of the fans, the girl who became active as a member of Berryz Kobo, after passing the auditions at the age of 10, was now standing alone, singing atop the stage of the Nippon Budokan of her dreams, 21 years old on that day. Thinking back on her, tears were shed to that singing voice.


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