Saturday, 22 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #27

{Miyamoto Karin, the girl with the green thumb, passes over the baton to Kanon.}

Fukuda Kanon - 22nd March

The relay blog that's been going around has got to me via Juice=Juice's Miyamoto Karin-chan!
Karin wrote a lot about myself in her blog post、 I'm really glad、 I am (;_;)
When we first met、
That not-so-tiny Karin
Has now débuted、 and seeing her stand in the centre of her group, singing magnificently
I think it's really amazing ♪
It would be nice to do something
With the 2 of us as Strawberriez ♪♪
Well、 on the topic of something that moved me recently。
Something that moved myself recently、

Was my birthday event!
You could say that it was a space 
Filled only with the allies who have been cheering me on
It was a really mellow atmosphere
I was able to experience the warmth of all the fans!
While I'm still an idol、
It would be great 
To continue on with birthday events~。
The warmth of all of you moved me!
Well then、 next to tackle this topic、、
Will be ℃-ute's Yajima Maimi-san
Yajima-san is a really really kind person
When there are problems that S/mileage can't resolve、 we would discuss together with Yajima-san
And when I have problems I go and listen to what all of ℃-ute-san has to say
They're reallーy wonderful people!
I'd like to try giving birth to a heart that's as angelic as Yajima-san~!!!!
Her outstanding athleticism is also cool!!!
For Yajima-san、 what is something that has moved you recently?(^-^)
Please tell us!

{Maimi had already posted up her blog post for the day about 10 minutes before Non did. Maimi's not above posting more than once a day though, so we'll see.
Maimi has updated! Let's see what has moved the heart of the angelic Yajima Maimi recently.}


  1. It seems like the pic is broken (and thanks for these relay translations, then and now!)