Friday, 7 March 2014

30 Questions with Hama-chan

Please tell us Hama-chan ☆

Q The song in your memories, that you sang in your Kenshuusei audition was?
A "Kimagure Romantic" by Ikimonogakari

Q Please tell us the Hello! Pro senpai you look up to.
A Berryz Kobo's Tsugunaga Momoko-san

Q  Who was the very first Kenshuusei you spoke with?
A Yoshihashi Kurumi-chan. "Nice to meet you~"

Q What does your family call you?
A Ayano

Q Who is the most excitable in the Kenshuusei?
A Murota Mizuki-san

Q Please tell us about the composition of your siblings
A Older sister and younger sister

Q Which do you prefer: Dogs or cats?
A Cats

Q Favourite colour?
A Orange

Q What animal would you liken yourself to?
A Cat

Q Favourite day in the year?
A Marine day

Q If you could raise any pet, what sort of animal would you like to raise?
A Flying squirrel

Q Do you keep any pets?
A I raise a cat, it's name is Non-chan

Q During school break, what do you do a lot?
A Chat with friends

Q What's your favourite dish for school lunches or bentos?
A Ramen

Make sure to remember okay~

Q The zoo or the amusement park, which do you prefer?
A The amusement park

Q Your favourite egg dish is?
A Omurice

Q What colour are your pyjamas?
A Pink

Q When you sleep at night, what's something you must have at your bedside?
A Pillow

Q I'd like to do this when I turn twenty!
A I'd like to drive a car

Q Your favourite onigiri filling is?
A Salt

Q How do you go to school?
A I go by foot

Q If you had 1,000,000 yen, how would you like to use it?
A Eats lots of ramen

Q What would you do if you could use magic for only one time?
A I'd like to fly in the sky

Q The convenience store you often go to is?
A Seven Eleven

Q The very first idol you liked was?
A Morning Musume.-san

Q What is your favourite flavour of potato crisps?
A Salt

Q Your favourite ice cream is?
A Vanilla

Q What flavour of pasta do you like?
A Carbonara

Q The place you'd like to go and see is?
A Malaysia

Q "I'd like to become an XX!!!" What would you like to become?
A I'd like to become a wizard

{This questionnaire has made me like Hama-chan even more! Her 2nd answer shows that she has good taste </bias>, and if she were to come to my neck of the woods (2nd last answer), if it were in my power I'd stalk her relentlessly make sure she'd have a good time}

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