Thursday, 20 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #25

{We drop the relay from Kumai Yurina into the hands of MM'14's shounen, Duu.}

Finally! The cooperation Blog? has arrived from Kumai-san!(`∀´)

Sometimes、 Haru misses out Kumai-san!
Because of her stature!
Also! Matchaーz、 please let me in。(°_°)
Haru too、 loves matcha。♡

And with thatー、 something that recently moved Haru was、

The formation of the new・SATOYAMA unit 「Triplet」 being decided、 furthermore! I'll be getting to participate in activities together with my favourite Okai-san and Sayuki。

I'm profiting in the midst of my profits。! lol {internet slang - She says 'Oretokuchuu no oretoku'. 俺得(oretoku) comes about as a response to 誰得(daretoku) . 'Daretoku' is roughly "Whose benefit is this for?" and the response would be 'oretoku', which roughly means "For my benefit," with speaker strongly implied to be male. Here's a Japanese dictionary definition, and here's one of the few English explanations I could find. Suggestions for alternatives always welcome.}

Together with the senpai I look up to and my bosom buddy、 I've never had such a good thing happen to  me (*´ェ`*)

I'm looking forward to our first performance at the HinaFes~♡

Well! After Haru will be Juice=Juice's Miyamoto Karin-chan (*_*)♡

Karin is close to me in age、 it might be presumptuous for Haru to think of her as a close friend。 Is it? lol
What does Karin thinnkkk????

Please tell us-chonmage [sic]!lol {Chonmage is the samurai haircut. I think she's just slipping it in.}

{This was probably the hardest so far.  What's up with the random slang? You'd think that the youngest in H!P would be easier to understand. Is this what they call the generation gap? But I'm only twice Duu's age...
Anyway, Karin has posted for the day, so we'll see what she has to say tomorrow, most like.
Here's what Miyamoto Karin has to say.}

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