Sunday, 23 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #29

{Biking off from Yajima Maimi, we have the tyrant of the Juice}

Kanazawa Tomoko - 23rd March

Ah! Speaking about the HinaFes、
Started by Morning Musume。'14's
Michishige Sayumi-san

The blog linking announcement!
The blog relay has

Made its way from
℃-ute's Yajima Maimi-san
To where Kanazawa is~

It was also written in
Yajima-san's blog post…

Kanazawa often receives
Comments of
「You're similar to Yajima-san!」~

Since Yajima-san is so pretty
And such a beauty

I'm really grateful…
But、 because of that、 somehow
I also feel like I should apologise。

I'd like to become a beauty
Just like Yajima-san someday

…Well then、 with this and that
Kanazawa will write about something that moved her recently

The thing that moved me recently was、

Juice=Juice's first!!!
Independent tour being confirmed

At the event
During the surprise announcement
My head was filled with astonishment and gladness

Tears started flowing
And gushing out…。

But、 the decision to have
An independent tour

It's because there are people
Who are supporting us in all sorts of ways。

To all of you, truly
Thank you so very much。

For Juice=Juice、
The kindness of all of you

I think we'd like to
Pay you back with performances and talks
From the bottom of our hearts。

Since we'll work hard with all our might
From now on too, we'll be begging for your kindness ♡

And now I'll have to pass on
The baton of the relay blog to the next person~~~

Next is………
℃-ute's Suzuki Airi-san

Suzuki-san is
A great senpai that Kanazawa looks up to。

Cute and cool
Her singing is extreーーーーーmely wonderful

「I came across Juice=Juice's billboard!」
She contacted me to say that…

She truly is kind。♡

I'm a bit nervous
So I can't get myself to contact her (T_T)

From now on
I hope that we'll become even more close…☆

…With that said、 Suzuki-san
Please tell us about something that moved you recently

{I kinda guessed that KanaTomo would chose Airi, what with kntm being a big fan and all. By that count, that leaves Riho, Zukki, and Ayacho; and since they've been alternating groups, it'll most likely be 9th gen - Ayacho - 9th gen. Not a bad sandwich, I must say.
Airi's generally a late poster, though she does have a habit of just falling asleep and only posting the next day. Or the staff'll post late. So let's wait for ℃-ute's pre-eminent songstress.
It took Airi over a day, but let's see what she has to say!}