Saturday, 15 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #3

{Previously, Kananan answered the relay question and passed it on to Okai-chan. Since I'm lazy don't want to waste my time doing redundant work, yet still want to maintain completeness, I'm copying Ro-kun's translation from blog!project}

Okai Chisato - 5th March (original)
Blog! Project translation by Rokun

Well well, the question from
Nakanishi Kana-chan!!!
I’ll talk about something which moved my recentlyー

Something which recently moved me
was Berryz Kobo on 3/3
reaching their 10th anniversary since forming ( ´艸`)★

10 years is so incredible!
Since I think that in those 10 years
lots of different things have happened
and the members have helped each other out
and overcome lots of things
Making their Budoukan LIVE a success
last year as well
is something that from my heart
as a contemporary of theirs, made me feel
like I’m glad they’ve reached their 10th anniversary
This is probably something
which moved me recently!(lol)
Just getting something
from Nakanishi Kana-chan (;´∀`) lol

Well then, Chisato
as a Michishige Mission to
Berryz Kobo’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-sama  waha
What is something that’s moved you recentlyー???
{Sadly I think that's the last time in this series where translating will be a simple matter of pressing Control+C, and then Control+V. Let's head on to Miya!}

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