Saturday, 15 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #15

{From Nakajima Saki, we swim up to Take-chan}

Takeuchi Akari - 14th March

The relay blog that started from Morning Musume。'14's Michishige-san!!

It's finally got hereーー!!!

Through Nakajima-sanーー!!

Something that moved me recently、

I was moved to tears by some dramas I've been watching!

Bokura no Ita Jikan
Ashita、 Mama ga inai

I teared up at these 2 in particulat!!


They were moving!!!

Recently I feel that 1 stage makes me tearful!! {Trans note: Not sure if I'm getting this correctly, she could be referencing a drama that isn't turning up on Wikipedia} 

There are lots of times when I'm watching the telly and somehow tears well up ww

Hahahaっ lolol

Akari is like this!!

[Details of the HinaFes and Akari singing a solo skipped]

Well! The next person who'll be telling you about something that moved them recently、 will be Morning Musume。'14's Ishida Ayumi-chan!


Next time we'll be doing a musical together in June!!!

Since Akari thinks that she would like to become closer friends with Ayuminー it would be great if we could chat up a storm at the musical!!!

By the way、 there's a SATOYAMA movement musical unit、Harvest, where Ayumin and I are together!!

I really love Ayumin's dancing!!

I'm cheering Ayumin in secret lolol

Well then、 everyone!

Check ouーーーt Ayumin's blog!!!!!

{And so we go to the 10th gen dancing machine, Ishida Ayumi. Extended rambling about Take-chan plus pairings below, not relevant to the blog relay.}

{Extended rambling: Since I rarely blog about Take-chan, or even S/mileage in general, I'd just like to mention that my favourite raburabu pairing in H!P is actually the Take-Fuku-Karin love triangle. Take's like the semi-oblivious guy who isn't exactly noticing the advances from the other two but still ensuring they have a good time, while Fuku-chan likes Take-chan but doesn't want to express it too much, while Karin is the more aggressive type, who directly appeals to Take-chan. But Take-chan going "c'mere" to Karin did make me squeal inside. There was an analysis about mentions on blog posts on Twitter, and when they looked at cross group mentions, there were strong linkages between the two girls and Take-chan. If you loosen up the significance, you can see the triangle between them, since Fukuhime and Karin are pretty good friends from the Egg days too. 
The characters in the triangle are reminding me to have a look at Partition Love's movie, which I intended to get to this weekend if I hadn't been sidetracked by this blog relay thing. Note that I'm also procrastinating from other stuff as well. Once I've caught up, well, there's a Tsunku announcement blog post if no one's done it yet. More procrastinating, hurrah!
If you've been reading up to here, thanks and I hope the links to the pretty graphs made up for my rambling.}

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