Friday, 14 March 2014

Asahi's karaoke song selection

{At the ending of each episode of UF Licks, they pick a question from the questionably-named Licks Box (I think for Christmas, they had a Licks Sock, which sounded even dodgier) and they answer the question in the box}

Reina: Oh! ManoEri!
Asahi: Eh! Amazing!
Reina: A question from Mano Erina-san: When you go for karaoke, what's the song you definitely have to sing? Mine is Mi-san's  "Mirai no Chizu.".
Reina: Which one is Mirai no Chizu? " Suki da yo~...." ?
Reina: And, I get no response. It was something like that.
Reina (pointing to Asahi): Do you go for karaoke? In the first place?
Asahi: Karaoke... I don't really go that often.
Reina: So you don't really do it. So when you do go, is there a song you like to sing?
Asahi: A song I like to sing... Hmm, ah, but when I went with my friends, I sang the national anthem.
Reina: (stunned silence, followed by a smirk)
Asahi (looking around): What's up? What's up?
Reina: Give me sec...
Reina: The national anthem? You put that in for karaoke?
Asahi: Yup, I put it in.
(looks at surroundings)
Asahi: What is it! What's up!?
Reina: Currently there are 1,2,3,4,5,6 staff-sans with huge grins on their faces.
Reina: That's rare.
Asahi: Really?
Reina: It's interesting.
Asahi: Really?
Asahi: Ah, but, I sing enka.
Reina: Wait a sec, give me an example.
Asahi: Of course, I sing Matsubara Takeshi-san.
Reina: Seriously?
Asahi: I sing his songs.
Reina: Try singing a song.
Asahi: No way.
Reina: Just a bit.
Reina: One, two... (claps)
Asahi: " Kono machi ni umare"-
Reina + Asahi: Asahi! {Note: It's not too clear, but I think it's possible that Asahi might be saying 'Tasaki' rather than 'Asahi'}
Asahi: (laughs) Thank you very much. Apologies to Matsubara-san.
Reina: Seriously? That's amazing. So that's how it is. For Reina, what I make sure to sing, I'll definitely sing Morning Musume, and for a change I'll sing Golden Bomber. Recently there's also E-Girls' " Gomenasai no~", or AAA's " Suki da yo to tsutaereba". My genres are gradually getting broader.

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