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[Live report] Berryz Kobo's first Nippon Budokan performance. Yappari Anata Nashi de ha Ikite Yukenai {page 3}

{Continuation of the Barks report of Budokan. If you missed it, Part 1 and Part 2.}

With Miyabi-chan's solo corner coming to an end, once again there was a medley, with the live performance accelerating towards the final stage. And then the standard song at any Berryz Kobo live, "Special Generation".
"More! More!" They demanded for cheers from atop the stage, and the audience gave out great cheers in response. The venue came together as one, as the temperature soared to a high in a single stroke. Without calming down, the momentum continued with "Icchome Rock," particularly with great cheers at the hook. It was just like the support songs that soccer players receive when standing on the pitch in the National Stadium.
And as the last performance for this session, they did their cover of "ROW MAH SING" by the Thai-nationality singer Thongchai "Bird" McIntyre, "cha cha SING." Dropping from a high voltage stage to the <cha cha la cha cha cha la la cha cha la cha cha~>, Budokan was suddenly switched to an ethnic dance hall where everyone was fired up.

With lights swaying in the darkness and voices going "Berryz Ikube!", Berryz Kobo were once again called to the stage (By the way, this call is one of the pleasures that can be experienced at Berryz Kobo's live performances, but we are omitting it as the story is getting long). The encore started with "Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteru YOU KNOW?" with tears already flowing from Sugaya Risako's eyes, her voice quivering. And then, speeches from each and every one of them.

The audience seating was like the void of space, twinkling with glow sticks.
"So many people are gathered here, getting to do my favourite songs and dances in front of a lot of people, I think it really is bliss. Even though Budokan was Berryz Kobo's dream, it's not our goal but it's a checkpoint, I think I'd like to work harder from now on," said Tokunaga Chinami.

From Sudo Maasa, "Getting to do this live at Nippon Budokan was really amazing." While it didn't matter whether the venue was large or small, "Because all of you are gathered here like this, I wondered: haven't we created a wonderful space? Because the thing we want to see most in the future is everyone's smile, anyway, I think that from now on it would be great to create this sort of wonderful space." With that, she bowed.

"Today, in order to come to see Berryz Kobo, here, under this large onion, no, under this big yellow peach, you guys have come, thank you very very much!" Speaking steadily as ever, Momochi. Moreover, concerning the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, "Berryz Kobo wants to capture the gold medal of the idol world," a declaration that roused up the venue (By the way, Berryz Kobo, at present, I'm of the impression that they're the "bronze medal" after two nights of thinking).

Compared to any other illumination around the country, Kumai Yurina, who said that the view from the stage of Nippon Budokan on the 29th of November was the most beautiful, "I don't know if this is sweat or it it's tears," while being overcome with emotion, "Actually, for me, being supported by so many people around me, I think it's amazing." She conveyed her feelings of gratitude.

And Natsuyaki Miyabi, "Though I was super nervous, it ended in the blink of an eye, and though I think that it ended quickly, everyone gathered here, and Berryz Kobo, I think we've all managed to make an awesome memory." she commented. And, "You know, today, at Budokan......," her right hand forming a pistol next to her face. Moreover, bringing to mind the smile of a mischievous child, the single word "Mi-ya-be-am♡". If you looked closely, Miyabi-chan's glove was decorated with "MIYA", and even more, at the tip of her index finger, there seemed to be some device installed to amplify her trump card, the MiyaBeam.

However, Miyabi-chan, who had previously been mentioned as having an air of being the "QUEEN of IDOL", was acting gleefully. Certainly, she had declared her own special move inside her own regular radio programme "BAKUNAI" (Radio Nippon late night 3 am~), although one might recall the fact that she said, "Even though it's the memorable Nippon Budokan performance, shouldn't I give an impressive speech at the end?" However, with all the force of the audience towards Miyabi-chan, it couldn't be helped. Considering that the glove had specially customised, at an earlier meeting to put it together at the costuming stage for the Budokan performance, with adults going, "We want the MiyaBeam to be fired," it might be our imagination, since the appearance of Miyabi-chan who had proposed it looked slightly embarrassed, but to that extent the fans were fully satisfied.

Due to the "MiyaBeam" that hadn't appeared in quite a while, Budokan was charmed by Miyabi-chan, after which Sugaya Risako started with her speech. This girl, especially abundant in sensitivity, was already crying, and couldn't speak any words. Miyabi-chan, who had just moments ago been full of playfulness, put on her sub-captain face, and gently reached out to Sugaya's back.

"Up until about midday yesterday, I didn't really feel excited at all. But at night I slowly became nervous, like "the real thing's tomorrow isn't it?" Since it felt like there was such a long time until we performed at a place that's so huge, well, like this, I never thought that people would assemble since it's a weekday. Like what would we do if it was completely empty. I was really uneasy, and it was also on a weekday, with this and that, our ...... (sobbing) ... For coming to see us, I'm very very glad. The 7 of us in Berryz will still continuing joining our forces and trying our hardest, so we beg for your kind support."

While being the youngest in the group, in this period of nearly 10 years, she had many opportunities to stand as the so-called "centre." At times, she was pressured by the high expectations on her, but without giving up she worked hard with all her life. And appearing on the stage of dreams, one could only wonder at what Sugaya Risako was thinking. Understanding the significance of those tears, anyone would lend their ears, and everyone listened quietly to her words.

Captain Shimizu Saki, "In the midst of other groups producing all sorts of results, Berryz Kobo, hasn't really produced any results," she started looking back on 2013 with feelings of regret while her long eyelashes became damp.

Wanting to become even better, the memory of all of them savouring the joy, when in April, "Berryz Kobo's Nippon Budokan performance will be realised," was announced. They were able to pull off the circumstances set in May, that the Budokan performance could become a reality, or it could become a performance by Sharam Q. Which brings us to today.

There is a reason why Berryz Kobo does not have a leader, but rather, a captain. That is, because there is no hierarchical relationship between the girls. Without a rigid hierarchical relationship, without a head of the structure to be the leader, a representative among associates at the same level was chosen, that is, a captain (you could say, the representative had no choice). That system, as can be seen by looking at the present, led to the development of Berryz Kobo as a group of 7 truly individual people. But on the other hand, Shimizu Saki, compared to Morning Musume. and ℃-ute's favourable position, it somehow felt like Berryz Kobo was spiralling into stagnation, and so, by all rights she still experienced the same responsibility as a leader.

"From when the Budokan was decided, I couldn't bring the group together well, and there were also times when opinions didn't really match, but, as we approached the day, everyone's feelings united, everyone felt like they wanted to make it an enjoyable live performance, today, I think, wasn't this live performance an enjoyable live performance."

And in 2014, before Berryz Kobo reaches a full 10 years, "Moreover, since we get to do activities at all sorts of places, I think we should be thankful to the various people who love Berryz Kobo, from now on too please don't let Berryz Kobo out of your sight," appealed Shimizu. The eyes of the girl who was the driving force behind the realisation of the Budokan performance had completely regained a look of confidence.

Lastly the Nippon Budokan was wrapped up with a large chorus of "Yuujou Junjou oh Seishun". "If it's a dream, it would be all right to draw at any time," part of the song went. Berryz Kobo and the venue filled with fans, one could only start guessing towards what was next. Perhaps, it might be just the number of glow sticks shining in the darkness of Budokan. However, for the seven girls from Berryz Kobo, each and every one of those dreams might have been granted. It was a night that gave out such a feeling.

Then, after the performance had passed, we were reminded of it once again. 3rd March 2004. The magic of the childish witches. After all, it's definitely, a magic that can't be undone one's whole life.

And the fact is, "After all, I can't live without you."

text and photo by ytsuji aka Editorial department

{Thank you for reading, especially if you've followed from the first part. Most of the effort goes to the aforementioned author, but it was quite an undertaking as a translator - over 10,000 words, all said and done. Thank you once again.
Barks also did a 2-page report on their 10th anniversary live performance, same author, here. Don't think I'll translate it, but never say never. They could win another award for it, after all.}


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