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Analysis: Boyfriends & Girlfriends in H!P Maruwakari Summer 2015

So if you've read this summary of Maimi's radio show, you've more or less seen this graph. While I got most of it correct, upon doing the detailed translations, I noticed that I'd got some things wrong.

Firstly, I originally had Chiitan with Riho as her choice of girlfriend, when it should have been MaiMai. Guess I accidentally misread Chiitan's answer to question 5 rather than 6 when I was skimming through the book.

That's relatively inconsequential compared to the next correction, since this one actually throws a wrench in the analysis of the fellow who wrote in to Maimi - it actually adds another mutual girlfriend-boyfriend pair.

We can figure out where and how the listener went wrong though. Let's go back to the girlfriend question, particularly Kananan's answer.
Nakanishi KanaOda Sakura-chan. I'd confess by buying her her favourite ice cream. 'Please give me a squeeze!'. Also, even MeiMei would be fine.
While it looks like a throwaway comment, let's take a look at Meimi's pick for boyfriend.
Tamura MeimiNakanishi Kana. Her voice is low and she's got her Osaka-ben, so she sounds like a guy when you hear her talking. But personality-wise, she's a childish girl who can't be left by herself though...... (laughs). For the present...... no idea what I'd do.
Which makes them a mutual boyfriend-girlfriend pair, at least by my count. You can see where the mistake happened though - everyone else chose one person, while Kanana tucked away her nomination for MeiMei at the end.

Mutual relationships. As a result, we have 4 mutual boyfriend-girlfriend pairs:
Yajima Maimi ♂ x Suzuki Airi ♀
Hagiwara Mai ♀ x Kudo Haruka ♀
Ikuta Erina ♂ x Inaba Manaka ♀
Nakanishi Kana ♂ x Tamura Meimi ♀

Age of pairings. Besides HagiDuu, the rest have an older member taking on the guy role *coughCougarMaiMaicough*. The only pairing that are in the same academic year are the Ikuta-Inaba pairing, so no 'I hope senpai notices me' action there.

Acceptable as boyfriend and girlfriend material. Let's take a look to see if anyone's nominated at least twice as both a member that they'd like as a boyfriend and as member they'd like as girlfriend. Numbers in parentheses are (boyfriend nominations/girlfriend nominations): Airi (2/2), Chisato (5/2), Take (2/2), Aarii (2/3).

Same answers? 
Chisato and Airi chose Maimi for boyfriend and MaiMai for girlfriend. These ℃-ute girls don't really get around, I guess.
Momo and Chiitan picked Duu and MaiMai, while Sayuki, Rikako, and Haga-chan chose Kudo and Manakan. I don't think I need to tell you who was picked for the boyfriend in those cases.

Can we simplify this? We can, based on the criterion that, as we follow the arrows, there exists a finite number of steps by which you can eventually return to your starting point. It doesn't tell you much more though:

One interesting thing is that Wada-Aikawa-Ozeki triangle in the bottom right isn't stable - if you exit that triangle, you'll never be able to return. No turning back.

Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project

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