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Juice=Juice JOL Interview

{This interview was from the 25th of July 2013, about a month after their major début announcement. Aina had withdrawn herself from the group earlier in that month.}

Heading towards their major début, 『Juice=Juice』 is progressing ahead day by day。
Let us get closer to the true selves of these 5 individualistic members!

Not giving up on the path to their dreams, they continued working hard to get to where they are now
These 5 have come together as 1、 and they want to develop further and further!

―― What sort of group is 『Juice=Juice』?
Miyazaki:A group with a mature presence。 The ages of the members range widely from middle school up to university、with the focal point being the strong personalities of each and every one of us。

―― What are your thoughts about your major début and how is your current state of mind?
Kanazawa: Our major début was announced when we were having an event at the fountain plaza of Ikebukuro Sunshine City、 but since honestly, we weren't given any prior notice at all、 it really was a shocker。 In any case, I'm glad to début with these members。In the blink of an eye, after our formation in February 2013、 we felt the pressure of having to meet the expectations of the jubilant and supportive fans as well as the members of staff。 En route to our début、I want to work harder by practising my singing and dancing、 and I'd like us to grow as a group where all the members work together and the group comes together as 1。

―― What tipped you off to aiming to become an idol?
Miyazaki:I've loved Morning Musume。-san from when I was in nursery school、 and what spurred me was watching Morning Musume。-san's MV, I was attracted by it。
Miyamoto: When I was in primary school, I started to like an anime ending theme that was sung by ℃-ute-san、 and my mother bought a DVD which had an MV by ℃-ute-san。 That was the first step where I got to know about Hello! Pro and Tsunku♂-san、 and I wanted to aim for that。
Takagi: I had confidence and wanted to sing more and more。 And so、 to test out my potential, I tried out for a Hello! Pro audition。
Uemura: An aunt encouraged me to go for auditions for Morning Musume。-san 、 and started by showing their MVs。 From there I got to know about Hello! Pro、 and I thought that I might aim for it。
Kanazawa: Originally I was really into ℃-ute-san、 but I never really felt like I wanted to become an idol。 It just so happened that I had participated in BeriKyuu-san's karaoke competition and received the first prize、 and when I got to stand on-stage together with BeriKyu-san、 all of the members had such a radiance that it gave me the impetus to go for it, because I wanted to be like that as well。 Since my eye was actually on the signed poster that was the merit award prize、 perhaps if I had got a different prize, I might not have wanted to become an idol。

―― When do you feel like work is worth doing?
Miyazaki: Dancing isn't my strong point、 so when I manage to pull off a dance flawlessly from beginning to end for a song, that moment is when I'm at my happiest。
Miyamoto: At handshake events and when I receive messages of support from the fans on the blog,  it makes me really happy。 It makes me think that everything was worthwhile。

―― Please tell us your goals from now on。
Takagi: I'd like Juice=Juice to become active overseas as well。 For that to happen, it would be great if each of us brushed up our skills、 but personally I'd like to do my best to study English in order to do overseas activities。
Uemura: I'd like Juice=Juice to have a tour on our own。 I'd like to go around the country、 and meet many of our fans。
Kanazawa: I'd like to get the 「Best New Artist Award」 from the Japan Record Award。 As we have senpais who have been awarded that、 I'd like us to shoot for that。

―― What's the thing you're really into at the moment?
Miyazaki: Eating。 Currently I'm into bagels。 I've bought 3 today、 but I've already eaten 2 of them。 I'm thinking of leaving the remaining 1 for breakfast tomorrow。
Miyamoto: I like making sweets、 and I upload the sweets that I make on our blog。 I made a spinach chiffon cake the other day。 Since I have yet to let the members eat it、 I'd like to let them taste it next time。
Takagi:I'm currently into taking walks。 Since I wake up relatively early、 I take a 1-hour walk in the morning。 With the peacefulness of the morning and the freshness of the air、 it feels good。
Uemura: Since I've got a fetish for people's palms、 I'd like to grasp the hands of more people。 Among the members, I like Tomo (Kanazawa-san)'s hand。
Kanazawa: I'm into rearranging my room。 There are times when I didn't sleep as I was rearranging my room。 It's now completely pink、 it feels girly。

―― From a member's point of view, what sort of girl is “Leader Miyazaki-san“?
Takagi: Really soothing。 A person who seems like an onee-san to all of the members。
Uemura: Her charm is that she isn't arrogant although she's the leader。
Kanazawa: At any rate, she's gentle! She creates an atmosphere that makes everyone work hard together。
Miyamoto: Juice=Juice's fashion leader。 I'd like to follow her example!

―― From a member's point of view, what sort of girl is “Subleader Kanazawa-san”?
Miyazaki: She's level-headed、 and good at talking。 And、 her comical sense is high!
Miyamoto: She's a mood maker who can calm down the atmosphere。
Takagi: She watches everything coolly、 and makes adjustments。
Uemura: She's a reliable onee-san-like person who can be consulted with and relied on to make reports。

―― From a member's point of view, what sort of girl is “Uemura-san”?
Kanazawa: Generally, she's an airhead。 A strange character who carries herself。
Miyazaki: She might have this spoilt imouto character、 but her determination is strong。
Miyamoto: I'm so jealous of her beauty!
Takagi: She looks like an adult but inside she's pampered、 that gap is great!

―― From a member's point of view, what sort of girl is “Takagi-san”?
Uemura: She's a mothering, level headed person。
Kanazawa: The hard-working, reliable leader in the shadows。
Miyazaki: She's the group's NO.1 in singing。 I admire that she doesn't make any compromises。
Miyamoto: Once she's decided on doing something, she does it wholeheartedly。

―― From a member's point of view, what sort of girl is “Miyamoto-san”?
Takagi: She's always in high spirits、 and enlivens the group。
Uemura:  Our bodies often touch。 I've touched her face a lot。
Kanazawa: Generally, she's got a high level of awareness。 Her aesthetic sense also can't be beat!
Miyazaki: You can probably get this by looking at her、 but she's a person who's attentive even to the smallest of details。

―― Finally, please give a message of encouragement for teenage girls who are working hard towards their dreams。
Miyazaki: Since it's such a waste of time to be lost、 I think you should try doing something that interests you even a bit!
Miyamoto: Because I think that if you believe that your dreams will come true and that they'll be realised if you work hard at them、 everyone, let's all do our best!
Takagi: I think it's all right whether you're big or small、 but I think that having a dream is important。 I think that putting your dream into words is the first step to getting close to your dream。
Uemura: Since you never know when you'll find your dream or if it'll come true、 if you think that there's even a slim chance, please try challenging it boldly。
Kanazawa: I think that people who have dreams as well as people who don't, they all carry along all sorts of worries with them、 but I believe that there'll always be someone close to you who'll cheer you on、 so I think it would be better if you don't take it upon yourself alone, and try discussing it。

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