Thursday, 1 May 2014

S/mileage Wada Ayaka「It would be good if the next leader of Hello! Pro after Michishige-san would be Shimizu Saki-san」

For the release of 『Mystery Night!/ Eighteen Emotion』、 S/mileage held a release event。

After its release, the sexy, danceable new songs immediately became the topic of conversation. This time, at the media scrum, Fukuda Kanon recounted the negatively unpleasant, 'I have nothing to say about those clothes,' mentioned by her father when he saw the extremely daring costumes. Then, with Nakanishi Kana commenting on the 75 days left to their Nippon Budokan performance, 'Since there's 75 days1 I think I might cry at the Budokan,'  her sudden pun invited laughter.
1 'Nako-', which I've translated as 'cry' is an alternative reading for '75'

Also, when asked about the fan club priority tickets and on being told by adults that 'Just a mere half of them have been sold', leader Wada Ayaka boldly said 'I want to be able to triumph over those adults'. The graduation of Morning Musume. '14's Michishige Sayumi drew a sad response, and when Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon were asked if they had any inclination to aim for the seat of Hello! Pro leader after Michishige Sayumi's graduation, Fukuda Kanon said 'It's too heavy a burden! Personally, I endorse Berryz Kobo's Shimizu-san! I'd even be willing to collect signatures for it!' Wada Ayaka also announced, 'I'm in agreement!'

Source: Dwango

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